Just a poem

Spread her wings
far and wide;
Flap them to and fro,

from side to side.
A feather, a bubble,

a wish, a trinket
All things dear to her,

yet so fragile!
Memories of broken dreams

fill her in,
As she walks the path,

the forbidden path.

‘Hey, you’, whispers
the voice of her soul
Dare she heed any,

lest her destiny deny her role,
She hastens on the path –

the call from the wild
The Devil’s more powerful

than her disheartened own.
She steps in tiptoe,

as quiet as her shadow
Her ignorance divine,

her mind aglow

Like the wonderland
through a rabbit-hole,
Seeks yet another

Alice of its own
The call was enchanting,

the promise so soothing
The Lord, her shepherd

tends to her soul
Alas the Devil tempts her

to the path unknown
O dear child, her fear is

but not a word spoken.

The Devil, the fantasy,
the mirage the sands have seen
Speak of a world through

the looking-glass
A world manifested

full of promises galore
For what seems real may not be and

what isn’t may seem so!
Yet again, her faith is shattered,

her dream broken
Yet another path seeks her,

seeks the gossamer of her dreams!

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16 thoughts on “Just a poem”

  1. a dream not unknown..
    a dream well visualised..
    when thoughts hit your keyboard,
    i adore the magic in the words..
    keep writing vins, looking the world through your dreamy eyes is sure a pleasure!

  2. hey avenger, god knows what..but my mind was empty! some thoughts came n i quickly typed them before i lost them… where do they come from??? where do they go ???

  3. Wow! You can really write well…keep writing! Its wonderful

    Just a thought on your poem…the accomplishment of every dream is not the goal, but the journey towards the goal itself.
    Enjoy the journey, that experience itself is about living which the souls desires.
    I am saying this becoz in your poem ‘her faith is shattered, her dreams are broken’ it sounded like she is also shattered.
    So i am saying inspite of all this ‘she must bring in the drive and move on.
    And hey…you go on writing:-)

  4. Thanks Amaii,
    my thought on ur thoughts:
    though ‘memories of broken dreams fill her in’, she still ventures towards a new path, a new dream with unknown risk factors!

    in the process of ‘bringing in the drive to move on’, she writes!! she will continue on newer paths as they too seek her the same…

    She hasn’t n will never be shattered.. This is a promise she has made to Herself.

  5. wow u r too good dear, i pray tat ur dreams will never be shattered. u r like an angel left behind in this world which is so cruel.

  6. Life is but a journey which takes different paths. The first time we journey down the path, everything will be dark and unknown, but if we travel again the unknown becomes known and dark becomes light. Your thoughts are silently provoking. Keep going.

  7. thanks fr, life sure is one heck of a journey!! n when u say my thoughts r silently provoking.. it felt so nice specially coming from u 🙂

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