Loss and longing

Often I wonder when I look up at the sky
The twinkling stars in the moonlit gaze
Are these the spirits of the loved ones gone by?

Thou, the creator of the dark, mystic alibi
Pray, tell me which star shineth the least
Pray, tell me which star dulls the most

And would thy sky be any less brighter,
Had thou let go of thus star?
For its precious to me, this little star

And if you would heed
To all thy children, every precious star
Would soon be given,

And I wonder who would look up at your dark alibi;
Who would long to see the once twinkling sky?
For these little stars are more precious

And if truth be told, it would be all dark and scary
So thy alibi would take all our precious spirits
And put them back as stars into thy sky!

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18 thoughts on “Loss and longing”

  1. Our best writing comes out of something which is very close to our heart. I think you have made a great attempt to transcend the emotional void through your words.

    Watching the stars is close to bliss! When we are blacked out by power cuts (which is quite common in our country), one is reminded of the sky and the beauty which lies there, and which cannot be replaced by anything below!

  2. @sawan: many many thanks for introducing the ‘export’ concept in blogger.. all these days i was suffering so much…u know i had found n saved this ‘aspire’ template since august but i just couldnt implement it since the ‘layouts’ settings got missing for me…now all thanks to u, i have got rid of my old diseased blog…u r a helpful soul, not a ruffled one πŸ™‚

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