Statistics and me!

Alright, I am not discussing about my vital statistics here. Not that, there is any problem with it, (by virtue of the inherited genes! ) but hey..this isn’t any ‘Chick-Lit’ blog…. This is my blog … me ‘the woman of substance” me the “Smart Alecca’! An encounter with a ghost and that set me up… yeah, I had started thinking now. Why Vin chose statistics or did statistics choose her?

Let me solve using a simple syllogism here. (I swear it was simple when I first started!)

An explanation of the sets and the very logically connected statements thereby:

S: Science students who either don’t get into medicine or engineering or aren’t interested in it anyways or weren’t compelled by extreme parental forces
CS: Confused science students but who have the right to choose their calling in life (courtesy: parents!)
UCS: Unconfused science students who always knew what they will graduate in since kindergarten

All S’s hate frog dissections and practical applications of calculus
Some S’s hate rat dissections too
Not all S’s took up ‘science’ in junior college by own free will
Some S’s simply love to pass through semesters without ever a glance at the textbook
Some S’s are girls
Some CS’s prefer music over dissections or numbers (is music course offered in Mumbai University?)
Some CS’s regret their smarts in choosing unpopular subjects eg. Statistics
All CS’s love the physics practical experiments
Not all CS’s have found their calling in life or in chemical bonds!
All UCS’s have been CS’s at some point in time (mostly during deep ponder!)
All UCS’s are girls
Not all UCS’s prefer ‘girl’ subjects like Botany or Zoology!
Some UCS’s are enchanted by the probability of the unknown…

Conclusion: Vin has no other subject left, she has to take up statistics!

I’m still figuring out the Venn diagram for this one. Can somebody please help? !!

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14 thoughts on “Statistics and me!”

  1. Hey Vin, this reminds me of the “Law of Elimination” which one Professor explained is why the Commerce section in most colleges are filled to the brim…here is how it goes…most students do not get good enough marks for Science or do not have the inclination for hard work and Arts is beneath them… so after eliminating these two options… what is left is Commerce !!!…Good piece la 🙂

  2. @Velu – u have certainly made some smart choices… i envy u 🙂

    @Johnny – u bet! we would have been in our respective rockets by now 🙂

    @senorita – hehhehe, Law of Elimination 🙂 thats cool

  3. All UCS’s are girls???????? What about SC males who later found their calling and becoming UCS’s. Also will All USC females find their calling in life and contribute to science?

  4. chris, u certainly have a ‘liking’ for girls!! i was just explaining the situation around me that time..all USC’s turned out to be girls..but GOD alone knows how much they or me contributed to science..SC males become UCS but again arent stable 😉

  5. :):) if that weren’t true, u wouldnt have got upset that all USC’s r girls
    this piece was intended in ‘pure’ humor’, it may or may not put forth real facts.

  6. 🙂 All the C’s and the S’s sound Greek to me. But I guess if one settles down and closes one’s eye’s, then the floating C’s and S’s appear more clear and distinct.

  7. Some S’s simply love to pass through semesters without ever a glance at the textbook

    Thats me!! :p

    U have again excelled sweetie 🙂 Probably expecting a venn diagram in your next post 🙂 heheheh

  8. @fr jerry – some confusions are good, at least we learn to concentrate then

    @megz – no venn diagram..i never could attempt the simple venn’s, and a venn for this one, nooooo way !! and thanks yaar..that was indeed flattering, would that be a 5 AUD?

  9. somebody tell me whats happening here!! i thought i took second group for my pre-degree.. but din understand a word here 🙁

    vins.. u r going crazy.. take some time off and chill out with frenz.. i am worried for you 🙂

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