A Brief Encounter with Startup-giri

                 ‘Imagine this world with the same concept of living but with a slight difference and this difference would be that of ‘communication’. What if, mankind spanning the entire globe expressed themselves using a single protocol. How would life be if we humans spoke, wrote, heard a single universal language? Would it be called a language in the first place? No, It would probably be the communication protocol for humans!
                 In real terms, this is not possible, but virtually it is. Electronic mail is the communication order of our times. What if, you wrote your mail in Hindi, but your bong friend received it in Bengali without you having to learn Bengali? Then, probably you wouldn’t learn French just to impress that beautiful French blonde you met online or maybe send an ‘I love you’ in all possible languages to your beloved!
                The possibilities are endless and so are your choices. And providing you with these choices is our challenge. We, at GlobalLanguageMail.com introduce ourselves as the worlds only portal for providing free email service in a language that you prefer.”

Most successful start-ups were born out of an idea. Young college kids, fire in their belly’s, bored of studies, put on their thinking caps one fine day and came up with this – a free email service provider which supports multi language conversion and unheard of in those times! And, what an idea! The kids tried for quite a long list of possible domain names, but sadly, all were taken except for this : ‘GlobalLanguageMail’. So, that was it. The kids registered and again put on their thinking caps to plan, innovate, co-ordinate, delegate and most of all market!

Some things happened, some didn’t, God knows best! The kids didnt find a VC. For the sake of non-dotcom folks, I would explain (in brief!) who or what is a VC? See, most brains rot when it succumbs to loads of money in the pockets, such brains cannot function any further. Hence, such brains ‘steal’ from brains which sit on top of ’empty pockets’. We call them VC’s or Venture Capitalists – these guys capitalise on poor guy’s venture and capitalise they do, big time! The kids were poor, they were still on pocket money (read neglible chillar); technology and time waits for no man or kid, so the ‘idea’ died off…The DOTCOM idea busted!

Today, as I was sorting some old papers, I came across this write-up that I had conceived years ago. Yes! I was the official Content Developer cum Designer, me being the English literate and the one member from Venus, the other three from Mars! Forgive me, guys:) Plain logic that girls are better at creating or designing content than ‘developing code’, ‘strategising’, ‘building core competence’ and other inane, perfectly avoidable tasks.

I put this here for the gang: me, P, S & B, so that when we reflect upon the past, we are reminded of the many things that ‘could have been’; the many paths that ‘could be taken’ and the many friends that ‘should be made’ ! Thanks gang for crossing my path…

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13 thoughts on “A Brief Encounter with Startup-giri”

  1. I can completely relate to your words and the feeling behind.. and I can do that because somewhere I can identify myself with these 4 kids in college.. I didn’t have a penny and I didn’t want to borrow from folks but there was that never going itch that I have to do a business.. no job for the sake of the security called 10k per month which you will be getting as salary, where as the lala (owner) of the company will be earning helluva amount from my talent or efforts or whatever.. I started from nothing and somehow I can say I didnt do that bad 🙂

    We can feel sad and regret on such incidents but unfortunately can not do much about it.. and don’t mind but I see major technical hassles in there.. I guess you must have thought of it so I won’t comment on that. 🙂

    BTW, we need to do some thing on that blog/site, we the new gang is planning coz I don’t want to write or see a blog post after 5 years while feeling sorry on it 🙂

  2. Congrats ST:):) u sure worked hard towards ur goals…we would like to hear some of ur early experiences !!

    i did reply to ur comment, didnt see any other comments from ‘new’ gang. besides, here every day some new ‘political games’ r coming up…i got disheartened n gave up!
    lets discuss the feasibility thru mails now..

    P.S: you may pls contact P, S or B, they will tell u abt the technical hassles, its got nothing to do with me, even remotely 🙂

  3. @ Vin…you could also write about the “Hand made paper” business we wanted to get into :))

    lets just put it as, some things are just not meant to be…God has better plans for you…

  4. vin – I would just say that some where in heavens, some one was happy and thus I was blessed.. would share my experience some day for sure.. somehow never felt like writing about that.. dont know why..
    BTW, what happened then after.. if you guys left the idea or the gang is still serious..

    sen – wow.. hand made paper.. you too on the entrepreneur boat 🙂

  5. Sen, handmade paper!! oh yes! that was the mother of all dreams..Sad..it never worked out..will try to bring myself to accept and write about it…maybe soon:)

    ST, There’s someone up there, really! God has better plans for all of us! Sen, lets hope my current plan doesnt flop:)
    ST, back to the womb..fearless n happy!

    Sawan, u too hate ur boss na?? have a million ideas too, then whats stopping u? where were u all these days?

    guys, abt our website plans, check this – http://www.intheorbit.com/

  6. Rajesh saar..’humorous’ posts ??
    i thought my posts were already so ‘humorous’ !! hahhahahaa
    thats why i’m compensating with this bright n gay template

  7. Worah!! Christmas dedicated template??? And is t S at bottomline… rita-o-sen??? Ergg.. put the first letter of ur names and form an INC….. SastVise Inc!!! Lol!!

  8. Winnie – Vinny 🙂
    Christmas, joy n life rather…

    S isnt Rita-o-Sen…unless she was transported from Mars to Venus some time back!!

    thats Pritesh, Sammir and Bhavin or Pittu, Sam n Bhaavs

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