Eternal Quest

A mere speck of dust,
I imagine myself to be
A negligible fraction,
naive mathematicians foresee

Eternity, my inner form;
Cosmic, my divine state
I float forever in His grace;
in unceasing, constant debate

In exploit, in rhythm, I rise;
in silence, in void, I remain
One tiny grain of matter,
but mighty self in vain

I drift across thy chartered course,
In a chaotic hope to repay
The infinite debt of thy womb,
my reflection so to say

As in dark ocean depths,
hide secret desires so often
Every trifle of dust or spot of grain,
Longs an oyster to relieve from thy pain

To free, to reignite the ancestral shine
To create, to sow pearls of wisdom divine
Me, my essence and the eternal quest
Remains unanswered till the final test!

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11 thoughts on “Eternal Quest”

  1. @ Vinnie…

    //Every trifle of dust or spot of grain,
    Longs an oyster to relieve from thy pain//

    you are the best…how do you come up with this…honestly…

    Bon Jovi (the god) was true when he said….

    Like the roses needs the rain…
    the poet needs the pain…

    your pain is transforming itself into the most beautiful poems I have read…hope these poems make it to the English readers for school children…

  2. Thanks Sen! Jon Bovi oops Bon Jovi is ur god?? hehhehee…n lets spare the school kids..their final semester is enough for them…let me bug u guys alone:)

  3. Scrawler!
    thanks..but not the desired piece yet! u didnt comment on the content?? i was looking for critical appreciation/depreciation from u .. u know u can be anonymous above:)

  4. I paddle in thy space..
    with my fin gazing
    all over in quest
    for vibrant thoughts…

    I saw the loss&longing&Ode…
    I read the nameless&Betrayal…
    Finally i embraced the
    Wings of prayer&eternal quest.

    No slur No slur…
    On this sparkling space…
    Yet i wish..thy will
    Sate me with more stars…

  5. ST, hehehhee..i was refering to man’s eternal quest – he is but just a speck in this infinite cosmos, neglible in mathematical terms, but each speck too waits for an oyster which would transform it into a pearl !
    ek baar phir pad lo..let me know if u get the theme?
    hope my flow of thoughts isnt OHT?

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