Friend Ship and the sea of life!

I woke up early at 6 in the morning to the December chills in Mumbai, with a frozen head and a wish for a wee nap. December chills just give a taste of the coming New Year chills and Nature’s way to encourage hapless souls like me who tend to freeze. Some major thawing with a hot cup of coffee is the best de-freeze! Talking about coffee and the caffeine in it, maybe some other day….for now my day continues…The juices in my head began to dance and I could add 2+2. And what do I see – a mini beauty parlor session! My nieces had their annual day in school and these kids each had an item to perform. Hia looked her part as the Bharathanatyam dancer with her ‘extra long hair and kohl lined eyes’. Dia was part of a kick-ass group all ready in her shiny hot pants to perform ‘Move your baadi, baby’ (body in written English)! To think that their head-mistress is a lady reputed to be quite stern and ancient! Anyways…my head was still entangled somewhere…just couldn’t point a finger, where?

I avoided the news, the bad news rather what with all news channels focusing only on terrorism, scandals, corruption and other ‘live’ footage crap happening around the length and breadth of our country. How about some Good News, guys?
So , I watched some Old School re-runs on Zee Café, and felt a tinge of sadness ‘why don’t they make such sweet serials anymore?’, especially ‘The Wonder years’, the li’l heroine is also ‘Vinnie’!

Later, I scanned the entire gamut of channels, none of it made up for the ‘missing’ link though. Switched off and began gazing at the lone almond tree outside my window. Just this monsoon, it was a beauty with fresh leaves and twigs spreading new hope and dreams, but now the little dry leaves that hung on the branches were in the get-set position. A slight swoosh and there they would ‘go’! A little nest was vacated too…

After a necessary bath though winters sitting at home don’t mandate it as ‘necessary’ but for the sake of the family, I sacrificed!, I did some CTRL f in my mind folders, still couldn’t trace it. At around 11:30, I got a call from A asking whether I’m at home and Can she visit me? I was thrilled, you know A and me were somewhat inseparable until she ‘fell’ and got married to S. In 5 minutes, she was home!

Now, God knows if there is a way to welcome old friends or not, but we couldn’t care for that… we started chatting right away. I was in Chennai and she got married, job roles had changed, house roles had changed, common friends had changed.. In fact we were so engrossed in exchanging the past 2 and half years…My mom had to take care about the juice and stuff! After some time, I was light and happy and she too looked renewed! She wouldn’t have left if not for her mom who called up for the umpteenth time! ‘A’ was visiting her parents who stay close by. So lunch was at 3 pm and the juice was forgotten!

Later P, an ex-colleague calls up to give some news and I inform of A’s visit. That set us up…We chatted again and shared another set of common cherished memories! The oldies still remembered me as the ‘Masala chai wali’! He too wouldn’t disconnect had it not been for his weekend job of teaching college kids! By now, I was more than delighted and waiting for more!

Then I come online to know a status of a course I have yet to complete. The email ID registered with that university was a very old one, so I logged into that account. Yes, I did remember my password after some rattling though! And, who sends a ‘Hi’? N, of course!
I cant believe my eyes..N and me have climbed trees, chased dogs, invented new strategy games, saved little kids from the bullies, went through the same school and college and majored in the same subject! He was starting his day in London and I was waiting for more!! Somehow, I knew it was my day today. God has been kind to me. N and me had a long catching up to do…he was dead busy but came up with new views for my life! He too wouldn’t log off, had it not been for a deadline. But, I was in Nirvanic bliss!

These old friends had made my day! They healed me, they entangled the mess, they found the missing link for me! I was reminded something about friends being gifts, we give ourselves! I was also reminded of the 4-part series of Karthik with F for friendship! Friendship is surely the best investment for a healthy life. For investment tips, please read the series at ‘Youngistan’ in my blog list. Thank you, friends!

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18 thoughts on “Friend Ship and the sea of life!”

  1. Nice post. Reading through it initiated a small ride through memory lane. Friends are indeed people who stand by you at all times and it is great to have true friends.

  2. Oye!! U too writing a post on Friendhsip? Kya Vin?? Its better than mine!! U’d put real-life incidents taking a leaf from your life.. But i dint mention which incidents took for me by overmauling them with personalities like A,B.. 🙂 The idea was frm Sen post where she used to mention with letters!! 🙂 And thnks fr mentioning my blog at Bottom line.. An advertisement to my blog.. But if the readers who follow the link, gt frustrated ba ma long posts, Viinie be careful.. No autos to ur house with goons.. A big LORRY!!! 🙂 Lol!!

  3. You Luv Chilli Paratas?? Wow!! Next time cme 2 Chennai, go for Kerala Hot Chips food chain.. Nice chilli parata u have… Moru Moru (Crispy)… Frm ur rply i guess u lived n ADYAR @ Chennai.. Ya AAB (ADYAR ANANDHA BHAVAN) brings best chat item flavor and hygenic.. bt now Prics boomed 🙁 Sob Sob.. It was 10 rp 3 yrs back.. Now @ 22… So once in 2 weeks make a visit there!!!

  4. Karthik saar: what to do? Old friends completely made my day, hence the post!
    i stayed at T Nagar and then Virugambakam…i had chaat only twice at AAD…very yummy!!
    sure, i will go to kerala hot chips when i come visiting..rather we both will go there!!
    ur posts r beautiful..a truck loaded with flowers will come to my house…guaranteed!!

  5. Do u watch GAP10 films?? Guess u’d no other go while staying in CHENNAI 🙂 SUN tv puts all the DUMEEL films of GAP10.. The hilarious moments being GAP10 talks to terrorists in TAMIL… 😛 Dont miss the fundas.. WE WILL MEET WILL MEET MEET!!! Lemme gt those videos!!

  6. Nice post!

    while reading this early morning…suddenly my childhood friend popped up in chat!we too chatted on good old days…

    Once again the winter breeze has arrived..
    reluming my childhood memories…

  7. I like Craig too but Pooja and Lekha are my favorite!! 🙂 So you haven’t watchd any tamil movies except those songs eh?? and its not 12 rainbow.. its 7G Rainbow colony!!!

  8. Thanks Scrawler:)

    yeah, its 7G Rainbow, actually 12B Rainbow is the original Telugu version:) i’ve watched Gajini, n a few movies i cant get the names of…i really loved the one with Meera Jasmine..there’s a Deepawali song in that too!! the hero is quite handsome:)

  9. vinnie ma’am, wuts happenin?? tried to mail you and the mail bounced 🙂 u deleted ur id? mery christmas. good that old friends are keeping you rocking 🙂 giv a chance to the new frenz as well 🙂 hwz it going?

  10. Sawan saar…ur chance is always there, my new friend:)…i’m doing great..watched ‘Madagascar-Escape to Africa’!! Getting my hold back onto my LIFE:)
    yes, i’ve deleted that ID, pls use the ID associated with my blog:)
    Merry Christmas to u too, whats ur plans?? u must be off to kerala…

  11. //yet to decode Lancy’s Tamil..a few words r OHT!! sorry Sen…he is refering to us all as Karthik’s sisters..n asking Karthik something something…//

    Vin.. You are an excellent interpreter. In my point-2, i’d referred i was mocking Girls gang and girls power in theatre (Bachna Haseeno) So u, Seno both being girls, wud have been agitated by my action and wud have commented,

    //ponnungala vambu illukrathu oru pollappa hmph…neeeyellam akka thangachiyoda porakkala//

    which means

    1.Don’t you have any other job than commenting about the female sex?

    2. don’t you have sisters? Weren’t u born with them??

    You need to have rigorous training in TAMIL!!! :p

  12. Taking tag is ur wish Vinnie!! 🙂 Felt u’d not tried on this topic!! So tagged u!! And Remember a song runs in Background when INDIA defeats AUSTRALIA in penalty Shoot out, KOMAL runs and hugs VIDYA (Goalie!!!) and SRK (My man) walks back slowly, tears in his eyes and a song comes

    The same song will come when SRK leaves his home town!!!

    I dunno in hindi pa!! But IT has the meanings like TAKE MY LIFE GOD!!

  13. Karthik saar…i will need to watch ‘chak de’ again!

    n yes, my tamil is excellent..ur tollywood directors want me to write some dialogues for the hero which they will use for the villain :):)

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