My Dear Mumbai

She welcomes all
A warm embrace!
‘Gateway of India’
Her beauty ‘n grace!

Trusts her children
No matter the race
Balances unceasing greed
Never once doubts a deed!

Her heritage they destroy
Merciful heart is burnt
Their veil conceals, terror dictates
Sadly, no guts for a mutiny!

Wanders around her lone self;
Is love a contract or a bond?
If this be indeed gratitude,
Need it be paid thus?

This is my contribution to this week’s 3WW (Three Word Wednesday). Help spread the fight against terror.
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40 thoughts on “My Dear Mumbai”

  1. Quin Browne,
    thanks so much! yeah, v r very sad, but angry and ANGRY as hell…India stands united in fighting against this ‘unnamed’ terror attacks!
    India as well as other nations can only rest in peace once these ‘unnamed’ forces r dissolved. Hence, pls help spread the cause..

  2. Sawan saar…WOW! way to go..n what a way..its beautiful yaar..ur support is most appreciated:)
    well,i could only support prayers were there!

  3. ThomG, thanks Sir!! BUT the pleasure is all mine!

    Terrorism is an international disease..all nations have to unite..there’s no other way…pls help spread the message…

  4. @ vin…”Her heritage they destroy,
    Merciful heart is burnt”…very well worded…anyday better than raw references…

    “Their veil conceals, terror dictates”…their veil conceal more than we can imagine…we will have to come up with a new phrase for all that is hidden, “tip of the iceberg” will not suffice…

    “Sadly, no guts for a mutiny!”…we cannot say this after the turnout at Gateway and I believe that such meetings were held across the country…there maybe 2% who are still afraid but the tide is turning…

  5. @tumblewords: thank u!!
    @josh: thanks

    @senorita: i agree completely after the gateway gathering..all our prayers r slowly getting answered! still, lets keep up the momentum, gal!

  6. vin – looks like its contagious.. our philosopher is also on poetry track :))

    I sent it to few news papers here and don’t know its due to that or some other reason but there is a news in paper for this 49-0 thing.. with reference to local election officer.. whatsoever may be the reasons but its encouraging..

    sawan – I should have posted it there in your blog but good effort dude..

    sen – you are on track for review writing 🙂 whatever happened to number crunching gurl ?

  7. Sawan saar…sorry yaar! jus mail me whenever u want me to come on chat..or pray hard..i’m sure to get the waves!
    it happens between me n a few close friends..we too will try, ok?

  8. Karthik saar, thank u, thank u!!
    like ST says, it cant be taught, even i dont know how the words come, but i know they dont come from the ‘mind’…so it must be the heart!!

    BTW, did u read ST or Sawan’s blog which talks about our Right to not vote?? a section 49-0..pls do and help spread it to all ur ppl…distribute it in ur college too..go to ur local newspapers too..since u have finished ur studies and now waiting for last paper…pls do this much.

    P.S. u forgot to read my previous post- its a letter to the editor..u too could modify it with Chennai newspaper name and send to them..all u youngsters should start a movement now..n yes, All the best for the 20th !!

  9. ST /Sawan,
    a friend has reverted with that 49-0 section mail…he has a query : “As I’ve been reading across, I’ve found that there is no re-polling in 49-0.Please check.
    Just a caution”

    Guys, do let me know..we need to check on this and be absolutely sure 🙂

  10. ST, hah! u know what? our philosopher was always a born poet..only before they were in his personal diary!! Now the frustration has ‘Catalysed’ into this..ironically, i’m reminded of my earlier post ‘ Love, pain n other catalysts!”

    even as we r typing this..ur 49-0 has become a rage..i’m seeing it more n more !!good going, man..keep it up!!

  11. vin – yeah there is indeed a debate on re-polling thing. check out and it suggest that while it is raised in supreme court but no clear indication of after effects… I checked with ECI ( website and there are clear indications that such article exists but what will happen after is not clear.. I am still on the research in whatever time I am able to spare from my naukri!! will keep you guys posted..

    keep the fire alive!!

  12. Vin, i was just kidding expecting sme funny answers frm you reg Poet teacher!!! It comes naturally!! and Chk ma brain Updates, i’ve read Scattered thoughts post on NOT 2 VOTE!! I read ur previous post Vin bt failed to comment on it!!!!

  13. @greyscale territory: thank u!! true, the silver lining is always there:)

    @princess Aiz: Thank u!! another thanks for ur support..we need it:)

  14. ST, lets hope this 49-0 re-polling thing is cleared soon!! ur efforts during hectic work is commmendable. keep it up!!

    n yes, Keep The Fire Alive!!!

    P.S. pls request Sawan saar to post his older poems from diary onto here!! btw, his blog reflects just 10% of him!

  15. Karthik, saw it..great job!!
    me getting older…so didnt get ur joke:):)
    thats OK! India Today has taken a pledge..War on Terror..even 1 newspaper following its true purpose of being is enough.

  16. @ Scattered Thoughts…review writing is just incase number crunching job of mine goes kaput…btw upto my eyeballs with year end relared work… will be glad when it is over 🙂

  17. thank you for your post… it is good that your voice is heard… bringing closer the reality that affects us all regardless of our current location..freedom is something we should never take for granted…

  18. Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt poem. I am sorry for what happened recently in Mumbai. I think it’s sad to lose such a variety of unique people. Hope you can find strength in your words and words of other poets. Have a nice day.

  19. @ ST and vins: your comments are overwhelming 🙂 i could very well reflect the pages of my diary here? but how many would understand those words.. every poem is in mallu 😉

  20. Fr Jerry: thank you!!

    One more believer: thank u! pray every little voice is heard..

    Michelle Johnson: thank u! your support is truely appreciated

    Angel: thank u! i guess the pain is the universal connection here

  21. Sawan saar, even ur mallu will look so poetic — v will automatically understand it!!
    why dont u try translation though some of the essence would be lost in translation!!

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