upon the grass i tread, as alone as the sun
fresh hues of green paint the countryside
and little drops of glittering wet diamonds
tease my naked feet, chill the fire within

specks of dust shining through the rays,
as guards protecting the celestial gates
the horror, the hurt, the throbbing pain
how do i beg thee for a wee bit of grace!

deep within were enflamed buried desires,
long lost and forgotten in mindless pursuit
i look more closely for signs of content,
but the carcasses lay, scattered eerily all over!

envious no more of the calm without
nameless, faceless pangs of guilt and doubt
i watch in silence, fearing to intrude
my conscience is eroded, self misconstrued!

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29 thoughts on “Nameless..Faceless..”

  1. @ Vin…Most heartfelt poem I have read…
    “envious no more of the calm without
    nameless, faceless pangs of guilt and doubt
    i watch in silence, fearing to intrude
    my conscience is eroded, self misconstrued!…”

    My response girl…

    Fear not for tis is the calm before the storm…
    Just the Indian public getting getting into form…
    Keep Walking for a journey of thousad miles begins with a single step…
    We will reach the destination where all our dreams and hopes will be fulfilled and well-kept…

  2. i had to read it thrice to undrstnd it fully πŸ™ thnx for letting me know tht i am so weak in the language πŸ™

    if only I owned a daily, I would have made you the editor in chief!

  3. Sen, :):) thanks for ur sweet little response..yeah, for me..sometimes pigeon, sometimes statue!!

    the environment shakes up, one feels the futility of just about everything, including ones individual desires and dreams. the Future becomes a Question Mark !!

    n yes, abt my dreams, i will take steps soon, ur words were needed now more than ever, gal!

  4. Sawan saar, is it so complex? i thought it was plain feelings that one undergoes during turbulent times…in perspective of external world vs own internal world…every damn thing gets shaken up!

    Thanks for so much praise..though i’m not as worthy of it:)

    n yes, if u own a daily, i would want you to publish the daily agenda of every minister..the status report at the end of day, the performance report, time worksheets, etc.
    Make them accountable n performance oriented..n end of their term, an appraisal fitting their achievements.
    i better stop before i lose it again!!

  5. ST, u mean a patriotic gang with a naara like ‘Terrorism murdabad! Hindustan zindabad!” WOW!!
    u start a new blog – we can all be authors there, lets suggest name, site mission, desciption, yearly goals & objectives, etc. πŸ™‚
    i’m in πŸ™‚

    Sawan saar, hehehhe!! so, r u in?

  6. Life is indeed a mix of the calm and the disturbed feeling that we feel inside. One minute we are gliding through, the next we are perturbed by an event or happening.

  7. @ All…I like this PointReturn and GoodNewsIndia concept…I a positively in love with the PointReturn concept…though at this point in time I dont think it is possible for any of us to do something on those lines…we could definitely do something on the lines of Good News IndiA…

    @ could be something on the lines of Jane Powells …”Daily Meditations for Women”…we could have a “Daily Meditation for the Soul” what say ??

  8. Run out of words 2 speak on ur poetic style… I’m worse in poems.. so couldn’t comment parts of it.. I’ll b n full throttle when u post on issues, humorous incidents!!!!

  9. Fr.Jerry, at least a blog helps us to unleash whatever…very relieving to vent it out..God knows how long will i blog..if it only serves my purpose?

  10. ST & Sen, yeah..amazing site- Good News India !!!a man with a noble mission…
    so, what kinda content do u guys have in mind?
    1. feel good, motivational stuff
    2. true progress of india
    3. sharing of insights that helped us in the past
    hope i am in ur page..what with my reputation of a village bumpkin who gets the exact diametric equivalent!!

  11. Scrawler, thank you, thank you, i bow to u..for u a thousand times over!!!

    Karthik, hehhehheeee..thanks mate!
    nothing amazing, just one of the catalysts at work:)

  12. gang, i am in πŸ™‚ ill start with promising to design the template if no one is in it till now πŸ™‚

    vin i thought we could begin walking through the footsteps of the media today with a difference. They bring out the negative India to public and leave it there for others to laugh at our nation. We could add “our thoughts” to it on what could be a remedy. We could also put in 1 positive thing about India for every negative thought we publish.

    wut say?

  13. Gang – Yes so now when we have some volunteers.. let us plan out further.. I can take care of the technical aspect of the website, like development and then further stuff for SEO etc. Sawan can design (dude.. that is what I thought for you before even your comment.. I remember the awards you designed) and these two gurls can be writers πŸ™‚ of course all of us need to spare some time to research for things, write and keep the stuff interesting.. but its better if we can assign the duties.. and we need to take scrawler in.. where is she ??

    As for the contents what I have thought so far is

    1) Instead of highlighting the problems only, we should try to suggest some solutions and then keep a open house kind of thing where readers can provide their ideas/comments on it.. of course we will need to keep an eye on comments in later times coz there are good people and there are bad people as well

    2) Like Sawan said, we should think of the positive sides as well and if there is some one who is trying to do some thing different, we should highlight it and support the cause.

    3) We should do some thing to break the myths.. like we blame every one from police to law to politics but we should some how present the other perspective as well.. for example I read an interesting post on police system few days back.. at

    it was a real eye opener so we need to think of this kind of stuff.

    4) Most importantly we need to connect the people with us.. and spread the word by mouth or any other means.. unless we get user base, we can’t do any thing..

    5) We need to decide, if we need just another blog or need a full fledged website

    that is what I can think of now.. your thoughts??

  14. @all, WOW..i’m all excited..feel like Nancy Drew n her gang on the case: The Mystery of the Missing Indian Voice” !!!

    i’m reading that link ST sent..its good to start with..a blog would be better for a start..the whole idea sounds purposeFUL n PRODUCTIVE:)

    i suggest a name as Sawan begins to design it: WeLoveIndia or ForTheIndian or OneVoiceIndia..
    Over to u guys…

  15. @ Sawan, Vin & ST – Don’t mistake me for sounding pessimistic here.i don’t think this will work for long.

    There is no use in preaching guys.. the change can happen only if we take it in our hands…

    Don’t like a politician in your area, be one.

    Don’t like the mechanics of the system, get into the system

  16. Josh, i’m sorry but u dont come across as who u claim to be..for starters you arent from California, n abt getting into politics – u first stay in your country (India) if u r not currently and then talk abt reform!

  17. gang – I have got few ideas and I think and sorry to be the odd one but I was thinking of more like a website.. how do we discuss it further.. is it okay to keep on writing here?

    josh – that is the point.. all of us think that its not going to work and hence do nothing.. even if it won’t work, we will be able to see why it didnt work and refine it.. atleast we need to do the efforts instead of concluding that its not going to work and stand still.

  18. ST, no u r not the odd one, v opted for blog since we dont know how to setup website..that was my reason, dont know about sawan’s though..he did opt for website after a commendable user base

    maybe, he meant it like this:
    if the cost n efforts of setting up a website is higher than the purpose it solves, lets start with blog for now!!

    guys, correct me whenever i’m wrong which is most of the times!!

    the idea seems good..we will know whether it ‘does’ good, only if we begin…lets risk it, guys:)

    P.S.: lets take this further thru email, nobody reads comments on old posts, let alone new posts!!

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