Rewards & Recognition!!

Ok! It’s that time of the year to acknowledge, appreciate and encourage and boy, am I delighted to do the honors!! First, for a little bit of trivia – related of course, a) These awards have been personally conceived and designed by me, b) I have achieved intermediate editing skills on Adobe Photoshop in the process and c) I have lifted images off the internet whenever some copyrights were mentioned but have camouflaged them successfully …hopefully!
As for me, Vinnie the Pooh having completed six months of probation on blogosphere, I must offer my heartiest gratitude to all my fellow bloggers and readers (forced at gun-point) and accept my permanent anchor-ship in blogosphere. I hope that you love your awards and do me a favor by putting it up on your blog space, though not doing so is entirely at your own risk – risk to life n limb or risk to lose my coveted readership. Ok. Now lets move on to the point:

1) ‘Young Writer’: This award goes to Senorita, my friend, philosopher and guide, who has now also turned into a ‘Young Writer’ with her work ‘R ki Shaadi’ being published in an E-zine. This award is in joint association of me and The Writer’s Guild, since along with the burden of being my offline buddy, she now dons another hat of ‘online writer cum bottoms-up buddy.

2) ‘Lazy & Crazy Blogger’: This award, no doubt goes to ‘Wobble bubble’ who in his own words says that he tries to look at this world with half sleepy eyes and equally sleepy mind…Now what can one say, with no water and clothes in that barren desert, Life must be pretty tough! How he manages to enter blogosphere is indeed a mystery!

3) ‘Picturesque Blogger’ : This award goes to the one and only blogger Ruffled Soul aka Sawan for his outstanding pictures which most often speak louder than the words on his space! Not that his words are of any less worth, but we readers just love to see images, don’t we? Even as I compose this post, I see that he has metamorphosed into a whole new skin – so colorful and beautiful – welcoming the new year!

4) ‘Young, Witty, Crazy Sweet Blogger’ : This award goes to our ‘Youngistan’ – emerging hero. He is not only creative to the core but also a simple philosopher who can reach lower frequencies to teach higher frequencies with his wit and sweet charm. I’m sure he will make our country proud one day, so it makes sense to serenade him and bask in his reflected glory!

5) ‘Pure, Eternal Poetess’ : This award goes to the highly acclaimed poetess that I know of – Scrawler. Though she hasn’t published any of them, her poetry is pure and takes one to eternity. But I confess that most of the times it touches my brain box at a tangent and I wonder at my courage and audacity to read and appreciate such sublime words.

6) ‘Blogger of Substance’ : This award goes to Father Jerry who writes ‘Substance’ and makes me all red when I look at my posts! Though we started blogging at the same time, he is way ahead in the race at 64. I do not hope to compete with him for reasons known entirely to me.

7) ‘My Blogger Buddy’: This is in recognition of tolerating my awful posts and commenting to compensate for ‘sensible’ words in my space. Right! This goes to all of you again…Yippie! Yey! Congratulations, my sweet blogger buddies, you have received this one from my heart, Promise!

 P.S: For readers who want to be in my privileged circle of ‘blogger buddies’, please convey your gratitude in my comments page and put this gift on your blog space. No need of any exclusive permission from me. Just grab one!
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29 thoughts on “Rewards & Recognition!!”

  1. Thanks a ton for the award Vin. A very pleasant new year gift. I truly appreciate it (though it came as a total surprise). Thanks.

    But coming to your blog page…I really have to strain a lot to read as the colour of the words does not show in the background. I hope this is not a problem just for me. 🙂

  2. u r most welcome, Fr 🙂
    hmmmmm…how long has this been happening? thanks for that..maybe i should keep the font color as black or should i increase the font size?
    Sawan, Karthik, ur help needed here..

  3. Vinnieee:: I am flying.. 😛 I am smiling, i am flattered , i am so damn happy 🙂 Ive put the award on my page – i couldn risk to lose your coveted readership 🙂 ‘Picturesque Blogger’-wow that name has some sorta weight in it 🙂 Congratz, finally you fought the photoshop battle 🙂 Happy New Year dear. Let this New Year be really really special for Vin 1 & Vin 2 🙂 And may some handsome find his way to you door step 😛

    regardin the font, i guess its good now. Maybe the background [light blue] shade did not load for Fr.Jerry! Some times it may happen. Ask Fr.Jerry if he is using Firefox. The light blue background in the page does not load over there.

  4. Scrawler, i’m honored – Thank you!

    Lancelot, grow up! eat ur 8 packets of Parle G glucose biscuits fast:) studies have revealed it to be the most ‘nutritious’ food for ‘growing’ children:)

    Senorita, what thanks?? i’ve yet to pay The Writer’s Guild..n they r asking for hell lot of ‘maal’ n that too in euros:)

    Sawan saar, thanks a bunch! Vin2 keeps popping up every now n then..v both r expecting to like the ‘same handsome!

    hmmm…i have made some changes as a reader with glasses felt that colored font on a colored background is a bit illegitimate oops…illegible!!

    Happy New Year to u too:)

    Karmanna, hehehhe..welcome to the privileged circle…i never knew u were my reader !!

  5. vin – thanks a lot dear.. so now its public that I am lazy 🙁

    lancelot – though none of my business but all of us got it loud and clear that you have those so called 8 packs.. now tell us some thing new darling! and yeah.. grow up!

  6. Lancy baby…some movie dialogue that, do create ur own sometime:)
    no more talk of 8 packs, guys..puhhleeesssssee

    ST, u r a dead busy person in real life, hence lazy here..unlike some ppl like me!!
    its my pleasure, saar:)

  7. Santa Vinnie, gud you have ushered the christmas spirit by giving away presents.
    My wishes to all the award winners.

    Belated Christmas and Advance New Year Wishes

  8. @ Vinnie…

    Boyzone lyrics for you sweetie…

    Its only words…
    and words are all I have to take your heart away…


    I am a poor accountant…never seen that kind of “maal” (unless it is other peoples “maal” we are talking about)…forget Euros I am finding it hardpressed to make ends meet in rupees 🙁

  9. tring trong……..

    so how was 01.01.2009????

    vinnie darlin, i am still finding out a way to put the slide. I am not able to edit the widget html and hence its not fitting in the box. i wud put the gifts on screen ASAP. 😛

  10. Sawan Saar…a little birdie says u had a rocking time, eh ?? me not jealous but still..buddha bar, karunesh..hmmmm, what a time yaar!!

    u know what, i have no issues if u put my gifts or not..ur space should look neat, without distraction to ur posts!!

    the New Year came softly in tiptoe with promises of a fulfilling year and i am at peace :):)

    all the best, work hard!

  11. Sawan Saar: hmmmmmmmm…ur blog list is an unending its real ‘hardwork’ after all!!

    need a help, can i embed an mp3 into my blog page? just one number not those widgets with playlists n all, just one song for the day or week types 🙂

    ST: aapko party nahi pasand..phir kahe ki jealousy ?? hehhehe

  12. ST, desh ko tarakkee ki aur lejane ke liye blogs padtha huna.. naya ideas miltha hein tho mera tharakkee hoga, mera tharakke hogaya tho samjo desh ka bhi hoga 😛

  13. vinnie, you could eitr put a youtube video in ur widget. selct html widget and copy paste the “embed video” section in youtube video.

    or many online mp3 sites provide you with the “embed player” feature when you select a song. put that html in the same widget.

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