My first commissioned artwork!

OK! I am no cartoonist but a good friend managed to make me one! It so happened that yesterday he sent his photograph with a strange request to make his portrait knowing very well that I’m not a portrait artist. Therefore, don’t accuse me of making faces – it’s not my my bread and butter! I worked hard towards achieving a museum-worthy portrait piece but his face triggered innate cartoonist skills instead. So, this is what happened…

Fig a: Photograph
Fig b: Photograph (modified) 

(added stubble to reflect growth while sleeping and also that he felt the previous one lacked resemblance. As for me, both of them lack any resemblance!) 
Fig c: Cartoon

Claimer: Any resemblance to the photograph is purely unintentional. In case of discrepancies, please attribute it to ‘artistic liberty’. Please give your valuable feedback and remember ‘It’s easy to make cartoons but difficult to make a cartoon character’- a quote by some famous cartoonist. But I have managed to create not only a ‘cartoon character’ but also a cartoon in my first portrait piece. Enjoy!
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25 thoughts on “My first commissioned artwork!”

  1. @ Vin

    me the first :P:P:P

    Awesome cartoon – Perfection is the word…though I don’t like Pic b, I like Pic A only…and the exaggerated nose is the KEY…

    good work hats off

  2. and BTW, all readers, if any of you want his/her own portrait, make sure that request has to be routed through me coz I am the official treasurer cum accountant cum CFO for “Vin Creative Arts International” :))

  3. Vinsss…wonderful! Artist,Poetess…anything else?i mean hidden talent?

    ST…don’t be so greedy yaar…our dear SEN(A chartered Accountant By Profession) is there to take care of everythng 😀

    btw..first one islooking good than the second one..

  4. @ Vin – I know you create magic with words but now you seem to have weaved magic with lines, curves etc..:)

    Just went through the quotes, just wondering whether the quotes under “Winnie the pooh and Vinnie” are urs?If so y under separate names?

  5. Lancelot!! thanks:) too much though

    ST, u can say that again – popular blog, accha laga sunke:):)
    clean shaven kaise banega…tum regularly shave kaha karthe ho???

    mera bhalu meri favorite numbers bhaja raha hain…tum stop kar do na plsssssss

    yes, pehla vala teek lag raha hain. stubble shayad tumhe chahiye tha na?? hhehehehe

  6. lol, i dont believe this.. i mean, wow! thats your first cartoon?? 😛 and hat off for ur imagination!! i dont see a computer monitor in the original foto 😛

    we shud auction this online!

  7. Chriz, thanks ! hope u liked it..who is rkn?

    Josh, thanks! u sound so similar to a friend of mine..strange indeed!! thats y i mistook u initially:)
    hehhehehe…vinnie is me and winnie the pooh is well, disney’s popular cute bear – these r his oiginal quotes from some of his adventures in the forest!!!

  8. Scrawler, thanks dear…i’m floored!

    Sawan saar, auction!! too much na:)
    thanks..u overlooked key differences just for me, much appreciated really:) 🙂

  9. scrawler – come on.. I should get that much advantage/privilage for being the guinea pig 🙂


    happy now ? aur ye bhalu ko main maarne vala hu pakad ke !!

    clean shaved version try karo yaar.. that will be better. for sure!! dekho meri himmat.. phir se try kar ra hu 🙂

    sawan – so start bidding now? what is your bid on it.. 😛 I am sure vin and I wont mind couple of thousands for it 🙂

  10. Purva, thanks a bunch!!! n also for visiting me 🙂

    Senorita, ohhh my!! :):) thanksssssssssssss

    ST, thank u thank u thank u…tum jaise ‘popular’ model ne mere blog ka value bada diya!!
    bhalu ko maroge tho tumhe shoot kardungi…pehle photo lethe vaqth shave kyon nahi kiya ???
    i would definitely not mind a million or two :):)

    Karmanna, hehhehehehehehhee..good one!!! thanks for the A+ :):)

    Chris, thanks dude!!!

  11. Vinnie you are an encyclopedia… omniscient.. Lady TR in arts.. 😛 And ST looks nice… If i am making a film, he is the hero.. You have 2 work on the animation part of it… Draw mine too 😛

  12. vin – oh my.. occupation?? what is the difference BTW? 😉

    Karthik – thanks.. please send me the signing amount ASAP so that I can get my schedule arranged accordingly.

    and to draw your sketch.. read above.. I am the CFO so book your orders here 😉

  13. Karthik!!!! thanks…way too much na? hehhehee

    ST, chup karo! vaise tumhe cartoon model banane mein mera bada haath hain:) mujhe kuch paise milenge, mere CFO..

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