Pinocchio – A Book Review

OK! I finally finally did it and I must say it’s a milestone achievement. All I ever knew was that he was a wooden puppet named ‘Pinocchio’ and that his nose grew longer every time he lied. But who was he? Why was he made of wood? Was ‘Pinocchio’ his real name? Where did he live? Who were his friends? Why did he lie? – These and many more mysteries intrigued me until now. Thanks to a free reading session at the neighboring ‘Crossword’ bookshop, I can now say I’m Pinocchio enlightened!

Conceived by the renowned ‘Carlo Lorenzini’, the Italian children’s writer in ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ that first appeared in an Italian children’s newspaper, it slowly caught on the imagination of the world and ‘Pinocchio’ lives on to see many an interesting adventure for himself and children alike.

The story makes for some interesting mix of characters, an engaging plot and an inspiring moral towards fulfillment of a dream. It revolves around ‘Pinocchio’, a wooden puppet carved by Geppetto, a carpenter who makes wooden toys in a simple Italian village somewhere in the 1800’s when life was full of meaning and hope. Now, our hero ‘Pinocchio’ aspires to be a real boy!

A series of adventures carved towards teaching values forms the central theme. A lucid, heart warming tale with a string of characters touch ‘Pinocchio’ and his readers in every adventure. And yes, eventually, Pinocchio does become a real boy and lives on with Geppetto ‘happily ever after’ !

I am fortunate to have read the book and wish to share my learning’s thereby. So, here are some beautiful points to ponder upon:

1. A dream however impossible can be achieved but you need to be patient.

2. Life is a wise Teacher who knows that you don’t know and teaches you whatever you need to know.
3. You will be punished if you try to fulfill your dreams the shorter way.
4. You will be forgiven at once when you are feeling sorry from your heart.
5. Fairies are the guiding forces in nature. Believe in them for your own good!

What started off as a newspaper story now lives on in my heart!

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18 thoughts on “Pinocchio – A Book Review”

  1. omg, so much to learn from Pinocchio? and i always thought it as a cartoon [read kid’s stuff] 🙂

    and one thing : free reading session?? arrey yaar, kanjoosi kam karo, buy a book 😛

    howz u?

  2. @ Chriz

    same pinch no back pinch…

    @ vin

    so true the same thing I learnt wen I was doing the play- but with reference to your first point not only patience but also passion for that dream makes it possible- Like our APJ said, “Dream is not what you see in sleep- but is the thing which does not let you sleep”

    but if I were the real Pinocchio my nose wud be not less than 10 miles in length by now(being a lawyer :P)…lucky me..

  3. Karmanna, thanks!

    Sawan saar, hehehhehehe!!! height of kanjoosi na:) some ppl read a chapetr every visit to crossword…and finish the book in a few months!!
    cartoon…hehhehehehe;) me is doing good yaar, how’s ur night shifts??

  4. Lance, :):) imagine a lawyer in the courtroom being put into a spell of turning into pinnocchio all of a sudden 🙂
    yeah, passion it is which keeps the dream going….APJ has wonderful quotes on dreams..thanks for sharing that:)

  5. ST, hehhehehhee!! now u know na:):)

    Sawan, cartoon se mujhe koi problem nahi…ST ko kyon hogi? woh tho cartoon king hai na:)

    Simply Sur, hehheheheheheh!! thank u thank u 🙂

  6. @ Vinnie…I am back…finally the gods(read Hathway internet employees) have relented and my internet connectivity restored…

    Nice write up…I read it when I was very young…then saw bits and pieces of story as a movie adaptation…with the “Life is beautiful” hero starring as Pinnochio, somehow the whole thing put me off…thanks to this review I might re-read it…

    //Life is a wise Teacher who knows that you don’t know and teaches you whatever you need to know. //

    loved this..

  7. Sen, 🙂 a book is a book…no movie can create the ‘feel’ read it:)
    my thanks to hathway…i am saved from losing an ‘esteemed’ fellow blogger 🙂

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