A terrifying alarm!

I’m not reading or following any news of the terror attacks and the jokes ensuing from Pakistan sometimes about non-state actors and sometimes about Kasab being dead! I hardly discussed these issues recently…most Mumbaiites have given up on this issue altogether and it has become a non-issue now what with our dear Prime Minister’s heart becoming the centre of national attraction.

But a few terrorists woke me up early morning rather scared the daylights out of me. I don’t recollect the entire sequence but after much hiding and strategizing an escape, I finally gave up when one of them entered our room and pointed his gun at me. He looked so vulnerable and his hands were trembling. I don’t recollect who else was in my room but most of them had escaped save for me and a few others who got trapped. Maybe, I was in some heritage hotel or some university convocation hall since the setting was a grand one.

That moment was pure terror and all I wanted was to be anywhere but there! My heart prayed to his – just shoot right away but when I looked into his eyes, I felt pity. He was just following an order – an order to simply terrorize without rhyme or reason. His heart wouldn’t accept that, that poor thing! And unfortunately, I woke up…didn’t get to experience what decision he took.

Just the dream was so terrifying; I can now also imagine what must have transpired in those last moments for the captured hostages. I wonder what is terrorism and who is truly the ‘terrorist’ – the guy carrying the weapon or the guy defending himself – both of them seemed helpless!

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10 thoughts on “A terrifying alarm!”

  1. Sawan saar!!
    WOW, Eclairs for u >o<>o< :):) a terrorist is someone who terrorizes – that guy with the weapon was terrified himself – he didnt want to do what he was going to do the guy defending himself…feels guilty seeing this terror in the so-called ‘terrorists’ face – somewhere he has terrified someone in the past so much that..it comes back in a much more ‘terrifying’ form to ‘be heard’ Somewhere, sometime we didnt ‘listen’ –> a terrorist was born then

  2. i do feel pity for the guy who was prepared to be a terrorist /naxal/ anti national, etc;….

    they are forcefully recruited purely under ‘fear’ factor..

    they get ample time before the act to rethink as a human.. to change..

    after the act …. he is a murderer !!

    “Somewhere, sometime we didnt ‘listen’ –> a terrorist was born then” ..

    its a old story…
    now states sponsor/ plan terrorist activity…!!!

  3. Scribblers, yeah, quite a dream!!!
    hope it doesnt come true 🙂

    Sen, i did try..but they all have dreaing abt being a terrorist n not terrified by one as i was..lemme keep searching more:)

    Karmanna: poverty, imbalance, nonchalant attitude has drvenour world to this ..why bad things happen to good ppl – since they never fought against the bad elements when it was still growing

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