I have a dream…

All of us do – just that one dream to live for! Mine keeps waxing and waning along with the germs up there, now you know where. The same old culprits who play Pac-man with the map I so painstakingly etch in my mind. As I was day dreaming for today’s quota, as per my personal timetable, I had an ‘idea’ and what an idea, sirjee! Also to mark the moment, a light bulb did flash – ting!

What if, the scientists at NASA take up my case on priority and keep those goddamn space aeronautics studies on hold and provide me some ‘navigational’ moral support in my space? Come on, guys! Can’t you devise a gadget and insert into my brain, much like the game Pac-man, only the villains would be the new heroes. It would work somewhat like this: I draw my map, the nasty germs begin gobbling it up, the gadget is triggered to shoot little things (I don’t know what to name them but have envisioned them like the ones in picture), these things will go right after the germs and gobble them back, yeah, that sounds so good… Tit for tat!

My map would be secure and losing my way would be a thing of the past. I could then also volunteer as a guide for this otherwise complex metro. Yey! There must be a few thousands like me at least, and the additional thousands in the form of harassed passers- by who have to go out of their way to show us our way. Considering these large numbers, it is definitely a noble project worth taking up to ensure world peace.

And I do know about GPS enabled gadgets which work along with google maps but what about a tiny creak of a road, the kinds where the tiny creeps in my brain will have a field day? Either, you customize google maps for me, or you make my tiny Pac-man fighter and I’m sure this would be akin to moonwalk for you. So, all the best, guys! And, do not give moronic excuses like – we don’t do this, we love rocket science, etc.

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44 thoughts on “I have a dream…”

  1. Oye.. you are just in time sweety.. This is my latest discovery and I was already searching for some guinea pigs.. I can install this gadget in your brain.. cost of gadget just Rs. 1 as this is the first one.. cost of finding the brain in your head.. Rs. 90 Lakh 😛

  2. Well the results are worth this amount.. and then its very genuine and best offer.. its not an easy task to find brain in Vin’s head.. :)) Finding a needle in haystack you see 😛

    And then imagine the expressions on the faces of shopkeepers at AR Road.. (Himayalya and New Bombay).. when she will reach there without any additional help… priceless !!

  3. I think its better for you stay in home itself.. everytime you go out, you were lost.. 😛

    And you are a artist. right? please let me know how to draw cartoons.. some basic things…I love drawing cartoons 🙂

  4. @kanagu…..Sure vin is good in drawing cartoons..One of her post carries a cartoon!have u seen that?if not,have a glance at it!i think ST can also help u in this matter kanagu….

  5. ST!!!!
    yenna da? all i said was u dont read my posts properly…i never said to ‘READ’ so much properly :):)
    hmmmm, i like ur suggestion but be warned – many have failed before n 90 lks isnt worth on a brain..Vin’s brain after all!!

    Lancelot..no second prizes da 🙁 thanks for not reading..u got the older version ST bug ah??

    btw, ST saab, aap ko nahi lagtha ki somebody needs to do work…baap ka office nahi hain ki saara din office mein blogs pade baitke….ya rather blogs par PJ mare 🙂

  6. ST saab, haanji atha hain…aapko dekhna hain kya??

    Scrawler, can u really do that? dhyaan rakhna kahin germs ke saath saath 2 paiso ki meri brain na ud jaye :):)

    Vaise, ST & Scrawler (S1 & S4 respectively) aap dono ne khaafi research ki hain mere germs ko lekar…good hain…wondering why is is trade secret..Scrawler is driving away germs for a living ??

  7. Rahul, thanks a bunch :):)
    on adding me as a friend, its entirely ur call , ur risk…get ready for some wierd crap i post usually :):)

    Sush, hehhehehee…i dont need to ya…there r enough tiny creeps alreading playing that in my mind!!

    Karthik, memory plus:):) i remember everything else da !!
    no, its not Lance…i know u both r always waiting to pick up any damn fight in comments room:):)
    i like u both, swear :):)

  8. Kanagu, hehhehehe..yes, i will:)
    hmmm..cartoons ah..i dont know what to tell u, it just comes to me since i am a cartoon myself (winnnie the pooh) !! hhehehehe

    on a serious note, there must be tutorials for drawing cartoons..lemme search some for u:)

  9. ST saab!!
    are waah:) looks like u were eating, drinking n sleeping on my blog only today!!
    u can refer the road names from the post..i havent deleted it yet 🙂

    Scrawler !!
    hmmm..guinea pigs have no say 🙁

    i am no cartoonist da…chumma i do something…u my check the label/category : cartoon, n u can decide for urself :):)

  10. Sen, grrrrrrrrr..u too Brutus, yeah ok, after all S2 na

    but remember this:

    S4 + V1 = fultoo fun
    (subtracting V1 from both sides of eqn, we get:)
    S4 = 0 (since V1 = fultoo fun)

  11. @ Vin… yenchina de, you got me wrong… when I said good idea… I meant it would be good for NASA to develop such a device 😛

    My heart broke… you misunderstood me SOB SOB SOB…

  12. Sen, haye Ram, anarth ho gaya mujhse…yeh kya kar diya maine..mujhe maaf kar do behna…pair padthi hun tumhari :):)

    NASA better take it up..high time they do something worthwhile 🙂

  13. //Scattered Thoughts… said…

    Lancelot – so?? dance kare hum sab log yahan pe 😛

    BTW, you didnt find any thing in the post worth commenting about.. just the trumpet that you second.. :))

    (Pun intended)

    sorry boss i am not so jobless like you so couldn’t read it last time just now read it (pun intended) :))

  14. hmmmmm, Lance dearest,

    read this if u missed it: “Dear Readers, I would appreciate your honest feedback here. I’m looking for fair criticism as each one of us is uniquely opinionated. And, if you choose to be ‘Anonymous’, you may be so! Thank you for your time!

    the feedback means ur feedback on he post n not on other blogger comments:):):)

    Karthik, dont pull his(Lance) leg..we will break it together, ok va?? :):)

    Lance, ST was pulling my leg, not urs sweety, u read my post na…didnt u find anything worth in it :(:(

  15. @ Vin

    no I cant tolerate this…how can he tease me (I know he teased me) I guess he and Kartik are Bakistan Terrorist…I complaint police…I do nothing people tease me…sniff sniff…

  16. @ Vin darling

    I thought u will be the one to enlighten ST anna about my pranks…but u seem to be a prey to my pranks always he he he…sorry ST anna just kidding…

  17. Lance!!!
    Bakistan?? :):) i did tell u n karthik r pranking, but ST didnt believe me:)

    ST anna, now u know..these 2 r Tom n Jerry, n it was my blog’s turn for their little ‘serious’ fights!!

  18. @ Vin

    I gave u the best of the ideas…draw all the maps on ya body…get brosnan to draw it on u (:P)…and I hate the game Pac man I touched the computer only in my Higher Secondary second year and so many girls in my tuition used to show off with their newly bought system that they crossed level 1 in pac man…and all I knew was the post man and school watch man :((

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