Jaam…aur ek nasheeli shaam, Kishore da ke naam!

OK! This post isn’t about alcohol or the ama-ZING effects later on. This is me sharing my new found secret to an alternative to alcohol as I’m health and wealth conscious now:) It’s also got something to do with an advice from an old friend, philosopher and guide -‘Friedrich Nietzsche’, who told me that ‘For art to exist, for any sort of aesthetic activity to exist, a certain physiological precondition is indispensable: intoxication.’!!!

So, this post is about me and my state of mind nowadays – trying to get kinda intoxicated with emotions – deep seated love, sorrow, happiness, gratitude, anger, joy, hatred and mischief- just about everything is surfacing! In the absence of alcohol, every image of it looks so divine! And, what does a once-upon-a-time-moderate-drinker-now-abstaining supposed to do to get ‘intoxicated’?

Now, alcohol is pure nirvana, isn’t it? So, can there really be an alternative – an equal one?

Most regulars wouldn’t care about an alternative anyways. An alternative to the instant cure for escaping reality; an alternative to the free ticket to freedom; an alternative to the same highs; an alternative to …OK, you get the point. Now, my point…

Post strenuous and hardcore brainstorming, I got innovative and a light bulb did shine above my head – ting! I created a bar like effect around me to fool the brain though. You know the slow, soft music, happy- very happy-very,very happy people floating around, cloud number 9 just beside you, angels at your beck and call types, etc.etc. Given that I grew up on an ‘Imaginary boyfriend’ on the moon, this was nothing but cakewalk or so I thought. Imagining is my full time occupation but imagining something specific is like trying to walk in a straight line in high spirits. But, for art to exist, I have to get intoxicated!

Something was missing …just couldn’t point a finger though. Anyways, what I did was what I always do and that is to listen to the one and only juggler of melody in emotions, the greatest that ever was – Kishore Kumar – the other ‘Ganguly’! This man along with Burman have created eternal magic and I’m sure when my grand-grand kids read this, they too will not disagree. Just about every emotion that had surfaced mixed and dissolved into pure intoxication! A little necessary ambience would be silence, a dimly lit room – main aur meri tanhayi types or just very close friends – no alcohol…plain old water works wonders…it’s the tunes that lift your spirits, trust me!

One can’t imagine the kind of highs reached on listening to Kishore. It has to be experienced. I did and realized that it is beneficial – both in body and in spirit! Do try it for the sake of art…It will do wonders to your life. Cheers!

U.P.S (Useful post script): If you are a married man and your wife nags you to quit or nags habitually, you must listen to this Kishore da’s sure shot remedy:

Yeh jeevan hain…is jeevan ka…
yahi hain..yahi hain..yahi hain ..rang roop
thode gham hain…thode kushiyan..
thode gham hain…thode kushiyan…
yahi hain..yahi hain…yahi hain..chaav dhoop’
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17 thoughts on “Jaam…aur ek nasheeli shaam, Kishore da ke naam!”

  1. seems like some one has is highly intoxicated 😛

    have tried it once but its a slow poisoning effect.. i need immediate results.. vodka, here i come 😛

  2. i am a big fan of kishore as well … his voice is magic .. he was equally good at all the moods .. romantic, sentimental, sad, happy … u name it. i think his son amit did have a fraction of that magic – his voice was pretty close to kishore’s – but which was sadly wasted

  3. thanks for the chaklate…:)

    pankaj udas and shubha gives me the ‘nash’
    jagajeet singh makes me relax and sleeep…
    and my wife always gives me the …. need of responsibility :(…

    (kishore da ka jawab nahi …)

  4. Sawan saar🙂 🙂 no chocolates if u visit my blog after threats!!
    Vodka…mmmmmm..now i am oscillating!

    Lancelot, benadryl has bad side effects man! KK is the best:)
    i used to be moderately baba..

    Sush, glad to know that..but u didnt say whether u get intoxicated :):)
    yes, his son Amit did have a sprinkling though not developed further 🙁

    Karmanna, Kishore da ka jawab nahi…thats it!
    u r welcome:)

    Senorita, hehhehe..ghar se karthi hun kaaam…already badnaam hi hun :):)

  5. Reduce the alcohol intake Vinnie…. I dont need alternatives as I am not into it 🙂 🙂 i am sure that I wont understand kishore kumar songs. So I will play safe by hearing tamil songs 🙂

  6. Karthik is tunnnnn only with smell ah??? hahhahaha..
    Lance n Karthik (both male) r blog partners for their Tamil blog – copycats:)

    Kanagu saar!! ammam saar..na kudikyaad ippo..only thanni n KK :):)

  7. whats tanni and KK vinnie.. and bloggers Vin sweared 2 me that she wont drink hereafter… even if she wish to intake h2o, she will consult me.. 😉 and lance.. i am uncontrollable if i smell the cap of sarakku bottle… 😛 EK MAR DO DUKDHA… HUMMA HUMMA HUMMA HUMMA HUMMA

  8. Karthik, Thanni is water in Tamil, what u forgot ah ??? :):):)
    KK = Kishore Kumar da, yenna saar:)

    whats sarakku??? cough syrup ??

    btw, Congratulations on passing ur exams!!!

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