Lost !

…………………..this is what happened to me on a routine trip to my art materials supplier shop and one would wonder – it’s a routine trip, so how come Vin? Well, it so happened that the usual map I have in my mind after losing my way many times before, got deleted! Not accidentally though…remember the old culprits, those naughty germs in my brain. Yep, they were at it again. For those millions of my new readers, unaccustomed with my germs, please read an old post titled ‘Manzile apni jagah hain….raasthe apni jagah and GPS’, with which I also made my debut in Blogywood. Only the title is long but the post isn’t, I swear!

Let me make a few things clear first:

a. I am not directionally challenged. I challenge the directions.
b. Those germs are entirely a figment of my imagination. I only delete the brain map since I sincerely believe that if there’s a will, there’s a way. Agar chah hain, tho raah hain…..Hum honge kaamyab, ek din!

Things occurred somewhat like this….The shop is called ‘New Bombay Stationary Stores’ and it is as old as the Gateway of India gifted to King George a long long time ago. It is located in a lane called ‘Abdul Rehman Street’ in CST. There are millions of shops in the same street and another million roads in and around CST near Crawford market. Now, there aren’t any hoardings or billboards on this lane ‘Abdul Rehman Street’ so poor Abdul! Nor are there any trees, so poor me! What do I use as a base for my brain map then? Imagination …Life is my creation!

Unusual sounding shops would be the new billboards for me. When I returned from my second trip which was a long long one, needless to say that I got lost that day, I decided to take immediate steps for the map drawing. So, this is what was the route: the lane starts with the biggest BATA showroom – then Toy World – some shop selling arms and ammunition – a bylane called ‘Zanzibar Street’ – keep walking on the right till you see the red post box – that’s it, bang opposite the post box is a stupid shop selling labels and stickers (the shop isn’t stupid, the shopkeeper is and I’ll tell you why in a little while).

I have been somewhat successful in reaching my manzil with the help of this map in my subsequent trips, until yesterday which was my 7th or 8th trip maybe. It so happened that I had to hunt for new suppliers for a new idea I had. In the process of doing that, I got lost somewhere in that dingy lane, but this was nothing new. Getting lost was also a routine thing now.

I tried to get back to my route map, but just couldn’t find any of the strategic places I had made a note of. I was in the middle of millions of shops selling everything that man aspires to have, including maps. But I needed a personalized map – a map that understands me. Anyways, chah hain…raah bhi milegi….so, I inquired at a nearby shop if he knows the now popular AR street. He nodded sympathetically and pointed straight another 50 shops ahead. It was noon so no sympathy from the sun. Poor me walked straight ahead, keeping an eye for the red post box or any box which is red would do.

I finally got there and the stupid shopkeeper of that labels shop was grinning at me. He somehow knew of my days happenings. My face said it all! Our eyes met and we made the last conversation hopefully. He seemed to say ‘Kya madam..hamesha aathi ho yahi…hamesha punchthi ho…phir bhi’. I too gave an answering ‘look’- ‘main tho pehle baar aayi hun..woh meri judwa behen hain’ 🙂

By the way, I have decided not to go to that New Bombay stores anymore, I have found an easier route to a shop called ‘Himalaya Art stores’ bang opposite Sir J J School of Art!

Jahan chah…vahan raah. Jai Himalaya!

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55 thoughts on “Lost !”

  1. vinnie, why dont you carry a chalk and few flags to make your own landmarks 😉

    and yes, when we arrange the meet (if we do) please start from your home a day before, so that you can atleast reach there by the end of meet 😛

  2. Sawan saar 🙂 Aap aye humare blog par, kabhi hum aapke comments ko dekhthe hain…ya phir mere baag par chauk jaathe hain…Dhania hun main 🙂

    i am bechara..not the shop:)

    if somebody wants a neat Mumbai darshan, they can ask me…i’m proficient enough to be the official Mumbai guide!!

  3. @ ST… the resaon why I am asking Vin to take me along is so that she has company when she is lost…

    ek akela bewakoof lagta hai, do log saath mein tehel rahe hai aaise lagta hai ;P

  4. ST…apne childhood friend ke rag rag se main wakif hoon..issliye main jo kahu woh sach hai…

    par mere kaabil dost tum mere lafzon ko marod rahe ho… maine yeh toh nahi kaha tha 😛

  5. Karmanna, where r u? ur tomorrow is today…better read it soon:):)
    BTW, u didnt tell how was ur birthday??? 🙂
    Jai ho..Jai Maharashtra

    Sen, ek se bhale do…that sounds cool..we could finsih all our gossip while finding our way!! so exciting na ?

  6. ST, u have really contributed in my comments section for the first time, yaar!!
    u not only read my post, u also did some thinking n giving me advice n all…are wah !!

    thank u thank u 🙂

    vaise Sen n ST, a suggestion from me..lets change ‘bewakoof’ to ‘beautiful’ – thoda sunne mein accha lagtha hain na ?

  7. Kiya Antara Mali ji…I wont accept that ya bewakoof or ya brain is affected by germs and stuff re (better check a neurologist whether there is moolai in thalai or anything else :P)…btw..why not ask them to door deliver… (I will try to get you a GPS soon)…

  8. v1, birthday was great…
    me and scrawler celebrated it in a grand manner..
    and was expecting S’thoughts and sawan ..
    sawan skipped it because he dont want to show his new girl friend. … ST as usual gave me a last minute excuse about some bug? in software to be fixed immidietely .. aissa be hotta he kya…
    aap ka tho phone milgayatha.. that u and sen gumgaya some where in santacrujjj…
    scrawler ka pass no option to excuse.. because she owned the hotel… hahaha …
    (ST thera number leliya ree….)

  9. phewwww, Karmanna…what a birthday man!!! hehhe..Sawan got a new one ah:):)

    when will u read this post btw??
    mahurath nikaalkar padthe hain kya aap ? :):)

  10. haha.. hota hei! hota hei!
    (late hogaya kya ?)

    in mallusthan its different.. the girls never get lost…
    every street have got one jewelery or saree shop… so its simble!!!
    ( & for men its ‘BAR’ signs !! )

  11. Karmanna!!!
    i dont mind checking out some jewelery or two…but not where i am lost n dont know myway back 🙁 🙁

    thanks a million for finally reading this…my fortunes looking up!!

  12. Kya Vinnie saab…. You worried am nt reading ur posts.. But if its n HINDI hw cud i rply.. that too i dunno what s MANZIL.. I typed in google… Stupid AB Sr coming.. 🙁 Remember Vinnie u have one and only fellow blogger who badly needs translations of few hindi words to get a full idea of your blog… 😛

  13. So another RAJINIKANTH n making who goes to himalayas… I am weak in arts… Even aftr finishing 10th scared of diagrams i dint chose biology… Whats the labels you were to buy?? is this wat we stick n notebooks?? make sure the germ in ur brain nt to act again and keep forget this HIMALAYAS also..

  14. //Lancelot said…
    @ Vin & Kartik

    Its not only one its twoly two reader- one is KArtik and mein Lancelot hoon Singapore ke pass hein aaya raga hein…//

    Lancelot.. abi dheko…. kya bass?? Hindi bhool ah?? Mein kabhi kushi kabhi kum… kuch kuch hota hai… jai bhoolnath… Tumshe.. shaadi… karta ho… ek tujhe keliye.. dilwaale duniya… ek kha rishta… aap ko sarror.. himesh reshmiya ho gaya.. I watch hindi films man.. wat r u trying 2 say??

  15. Why dont you take a camera with you and take shots with name in it like ghajini style. You can implement STs advice of placing flags also. Do you know tamil? atleast translate the conversation and give it in English, so that somewhat I could understand it

  16. Karthik, Lance & Kanagu!!!!!

    desh drohi n all!! sorry guys 🙂 n i was thinking Chennai is part of my country !

    now for the literal translations:
    1) Manzile apni jagah hain….raasthe apni jagah – Destinations r in there place…paths r in theirs

    2) Agar chah hain, tho raah hain…..
    – where there’s a will, there’s a way!

    3)Hum honge kaamyab, ek din! – we will be succesful, one day!

    4) Kya madam..hamesha aathi ho yahi…hamesha punchthi ho…phir bhi – What madam…u come here always…u do ask always…but still

    5) main tho pehle baar aayi hun..woh meri judwa behen hain – i have come for the first time…that was my twin sister

    Jai Hind!!

  17. Karthik, hehhehe..Himalayas i wont forget..one landmark only na !!
    the label shop was my landmark for the ‘real’ art supplies shop hidden deep inside:)

    Kanagu, great idea..Gajini wala..i will spend more in navigating rather than buying the materials!!
    Chalk with flag idea is cheaper provided the Archaeological Society of India doesn’t put me behind bars for playing around with such important heritage site!
    n yes konjum konjum Tamil teriyum 🙂

  18. //aap hindi bolna ke liyae ek subhidhar nahin hein…//

    so subhidar is your partner.. He he.. working partner…

    //yaathriyun krithya jankijiyae…//

    So night u went to kirthi house and ate jaangiri.. for me?? 🙁

    //naye delhi se aana vaalae//

    How dare u call me dog?? Aarghhh.. tat too roaming in delhi

    // Howra express panch minute mein platform no dho per aaya raga hein…//

    So u and an aaya(Grandma) are beggars in howra express platform.. pity pity..

  19. Lance!!!
    Tamil nadu will learn Hindi..my comments room serving only hindi classes nowadays !!
    abt gajini, i liked Kanagu’s idea better..its much safer for the weak kneed shopkeepers:)

    P.S.: konjam kojam tamilai kollai panna theriyum…neenga yella Hindi destroy panniyachi:):)

  20. @Lncelot”

    kangana Ranaut propose kharta hoon, Kajol sister tanushree dutta Bye bye padi si chota… Ek maar two dukuda… Kareena kapoor katrina kaif in my car driving hoon… Mumbai juwa beach dating hoon..

    Paapu Ki Gaadi Tez Hai, Pappu Kudiyon Mein Craze Hai
    Pappu Ke Aankhen Light Blue, Pappu Dikhtha Angrez Hai
    Raaton Ki Ghadi Haathon Mein Perfume Gucci Waala

  21. fees one class 1 million USD

    any time and day of the week is fine with me let me know…when u come write the below line 100 times


  22. ammam, Tamilanukku Tamil:)
    just like Hindi-ukku Hindi!!

    anyways, the post was abt me getting lost in real world, but this comments room has made me lose my way her too…pls da…commenting season over da….plssssssssssssssssss

    i cant stop my fingers from giving u reply da…plssssssss

  23. @ Vin

    non stop comment is my motto and yeah i just wanted to prove it…that you can lost way in ya blogosphere too…and commenting season not over not over not over…

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