Wanted: A Knight in matte cotton shirt!

Well, I’m no more a teenager with stars in my eyes and I’m ages away from being referred to as an adult female homo sapien. Now imagine me singing that Britney number – I’m not a girl…not yet a woman, but please, without her curves for Christ’s sake, mine are better! I am single now by choice but in love with my teddy who reciprocates unconditionally. So, one may safely presume that I’m stuck somewhere in a time warp! I also suck at every day relationships right from the traffic policeman, the building dog and her newborn litter, the crows nesting outside my kitchen window right up till the society watchman and the Sai baba temple pujari besides. Nobody seems to acknowledge my presence. I am the living dead or the dead living! And, my mum thinks only a man can save me now by way of marriage to me, Poor man!

So, is marriage the ‘be all and end all’ to a girl’s identity? Well, maybe! Every goddamn form wants to know your father and/or husband’s name. But, I’m in no hurry, I like it when the dogs stay away from me and I don’t find crows any cuter; what to say about the other ‘assorted’ folks, I come across every day if relatives are not enough punishment already! This is what I gather from their eyes, nose, ears et al except their tongue – Oh, She is waiting for Mr. Right! She is expecting Pierce now, and I mean like ‘N-O-W’! She thinks she is the diva queen- all this with giggles and muffled jokes doubting my sexual preferences. So, I take this opportunity to all and sundry – I am straight, very much straight, and as straight as a line joining two imaginary points anywhere and as straight as a light ray. I am not waiting for Mr. Right; he is as common a sight as an UFO (unidentified flying object). Well, I am no diva queen or any other queen either; I am just a girl at heart with dreams of an enchanting home somewhere bubbling with my kids and my partner for life.

So, all I want is one common man – any man with loads of common sense and can see through the obvious. Most definitely loaded with fresh jokes on him at all times. He should preferably be dressed up in matte cotton shirts only, I don’t fancy ‘shining armour’ anymore; you see I’m not into fairy tales and ‘happily ever after….’ fantasies. Apart from the usual attributes of TDH (tall-dark-handsome), absolutely great sense of responsibility, great conversationalist, great listener, great lover, best friend, the better cook, the hygienically-inclined, the ability to withstand female nagging, the supreme strength to change diapers every hour and that too cheerfully, genuine love for my folks – especially my mum, etc. etc., I want only an extra bit thrown for good measure to be referred to as my Mr. Right and that would be – ‘He should simply love me for no rhyme or reason’. I abhor terms and conditions in love and will go to any length to break all of them intentionally. Now, is this asking for too much?

Maybe, yes! Apart from the cotton shirt, how can one man alone be gifted so? So, nowadays I have started thinking on these lines – my preferences and the ultimate choice or the world’s preferences and a so called compromise! And I have come to this – I’m pretty soon going to forget the very essence of marriage if all these attributes are not present in a single man. Isn’t it exciting to be single and mingle with all the separate aforementioned men? Or, I will just place a finger on any of the profiles placed in front of me and make my mum and the other ‘interested parties’ happy?

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33 thoughts on “Wanted: A Knight in matte cotton shirt!”

  1. OK!!so the only door to reach u is through ur parents…
    preparing for a arranged marriage?

    and why ‘He should preferably be dressed up in matte cotton shirts only’…
    s’khan can go without a shirt…
    but…yee thoda jadha nahi he kya 😉

  2. Taking forward from Sen .. was it Thai Red Chicken Curry (Indian Style)? … personally, i don’t think it shud be difficult to find a guy of ur choice unless u r not prepared to be lenient about two qualities – a better cook (it really depends on how good a cook u r) and ability to withstand female nagging (u need to give him some space yaar .. chill maar!)

  3. Karthik!!!
    here’s ur eclair >o< :)
    a cotton shirt of any brand yaar, the point is he should be simple!
    joke factory – helps us live thru difficulties 🙂
    BUNNY sooo cute!!

    Sen, encounters galore!!
    am i asking for too much??? koi hain kya nazar mein??

  4. Karmanna 🙂
    matte cotton shirt implies simplicity..i want a simple guy…no knight in shining armour for me, just a guynextdoor types with all the ‘simple’ qualities:)
    yes, arranged marriage is the way to go..scared of love affairs now!
    aapke nazar mein hain kya koi??

    Sush, trust me when i say this – its better i ‘dont cook’ since i care for the ones i cook for :):)
    n u know, i usually keep reminding stuff, which may sound like nagging…so:) 🙂
    dou know anybody who fits ??

  5. Hey Vinnie, U said that u r not into fairy tales and fantasies… And still u expect so may ‘attributes’!!!!
    Well lemme tell u…. that’s MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!!!! You might as well wait for Pierce now!! Coz pigs will fly!! 😀

  6. My name is Bond James bond appadinu one guy will come soon Vin…then me and Kartik will tell him with tears in our eyes…”Yaaru petha pullayo, ippadi vanthu mattikitiye ayya” (means poor guy got caught in hell :P)…he he he

    and you are right the perfect thing wil happen but the date and time is not even known to god…

  7. Simply Sur !!!
    hehehhee…Mission Impossible!
    i think i will suffice with the cotton shirt alone…coz pigs will fly, but when????

    Lance aka James Bond, now that u have said some other guy will come, teek hain..i will wait :(:( but, God must be knowing na, cant he tell me where that guy is??

    Scrawler, hehehhe:) i will use all ur free councelling on him:) 🙂
    things will be fine, dont worry!
    i will be happy n he will be married :):)

  8. Simply Sur, :(:( i cant wait! kahin rukthe rukthe buddi na ho jau..hehehhehe

    Tazeen, mmmmmmm…egyptian cotton…sounds yum:):) would love to wake up to some egytian cotton!!!

  9. Karmanna, hope u’ve not been threatened to say that :):)

    Karthik, hehehhehe..my posts r so much pain, ah!!
    net is down at night yaar, i have written 2 posts btw but couldnt publish :(…maybe will post one of it now…

  10. wow what a common thinking,I wrote one blog couplla weeks back which explains pretty much the same synopsis!!….Its a long journey to explain how I came to yor blog…But this blog had really hit my nod….Gud work Girl…

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