And when the golden sun was setting…

When the golden sun was setting…

amongst the countless rivers flowing
from the purity of thy bosom
there emerged a beautiful rose
the one that beholds, bewitches
but can prick without a spell

To be swept away, thorn and all
down deep valleys, trembling past
the currents crashing, nature’s fury
the rocks striking, nature’s jury?
alas! neither current nor rock
could break her spirit, as she glides by

Downstream she floats, now placid
across little hammocks, little pebbles
a bunch of kids are struck in awe
amidst the enchanting spell
she casts upon her beholders

Lazily she calms down, her strife was of yore
amidst the old hamlet’s tranquil pond
the water is turbid and quiet now
underneath it hid creatures, big and small
does each have a story
of its downstream journey?

Then arose a moon, which lit up the sky
captured by the pond as a billion stars shone by
she glances at her mirror, her resting place
and now it’s her turn to be enthralled
by nature’s tricks and plays!

For there lay on the surface,
an image so heavenly
they may call it a lotus,
a flower with a thousand petals
to be serenaded amongst the murk
to be worshipped with the gods
so, doth the name alter thy strife?

She closes off her petals and sinks for the night
to be awake, to rise and to shine
to welcome at the break of dawn
the golden sun that arises yet again.
to be called a lotus, o! so pure, so divine!
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21 thoughts on “And when the golden sun was setting…”

  1. Karmanna !!!

    >O<>O< and (_) a clay pot of 'mishti' just for u :) well,………its about a rose who was born in purity and goes thru the varied struggles of life despicting fresh though violent waters, to finally settle down as a lotus in the calm, murky waters and be worshipped along with the Gods…All external ‘forms’ may be different but have gone thru the same inner metamorphosis which can only be imagined, can only be felt the rose, the water, the lotus r all metaphors i used… hope i brought out the message!!!

  2. Karthik,
    sleep well, angry young boy!

    really?? good , thanks 🙂

    now i know how ur brains process – step by step 🙂
    John Milton – i need to google him n let u know:)
    u seem to really enjoy poems so much, me is thinking to send u a poem every day in ur email, what say ???

  3. Lancelot !!
    me is thinking of sending that poem-a-day to ur email as well :):)
    coz Chriz wouldnt share them with u:)…btw, Siluvai is getting to me now 🙂

    Senorita !!!
    diamonds did ‘quite’ well indeed, sigh :(:(:( is that y they r so damn expensive?????????
    u echoing in my room…is the room so empty ?????
    is the human spirit too just as resilient, or more? at worst, i hope its not less…me at ‘it’ again :):)
    Cheers…hic hic!

  4. I presume there’s a depth meaning in the poem… 🙂

    I couldn’t get it into my skull even if I did, it wouldn’t be of much use… U see i lost my brain somewhere [ Looking under the desk and now behind the PC] Still am searching for it…:)

  5. Fab work. Very nice, very serene poetry.

    I sometimes wonder how some people are blessed to be able to write such wonderful poetry and how, at the other end of the spectrum, are people like me for whom reciting ‘Mary had a little lamb’ can be such a challenge.

    Great post.

  6. Apocalypse!!
    hehehhe..not really.. have explained the ‘depth’ in my earlier comment:)
    so, did u find it yet???

    thats what Sen n family call me:) thanks!

    well, just that sometimes the left-side works, when the right is paralysed! try it 🙂
    thank u for the showers of praise:) n for ur visit 🙂

    Thanks!!! n that too without a dictionary :):)

  7. Beautiful imagery…

    Mother Nature never comes short of enchanting us with Her inimitable ways. Beauty sure does lie in the eyes of the beholder.

    Peace. Have a nice day.


    First time here. Sailed in from Sawan’s weblog.


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