When Ms. Junglee barged into the beauty parlor…

It was quite a dull day yesterday, though the spring has just sprung fresh warmth everywhere. Sadly, she couldn’t feel a thing. It was all hazy with some kind of fog wherever her eyes moved. On a day like this, a flavored tea would be quite potent to shoo away the fog. Alas! The haze was still there…

Life was calling but where was she? She, the favorite, she the damned soul, she the inspiration behind every murphy’s law, she the Frankensteinne! She glances at the mirror, just a second lesser than one can begin to say ‘F-R-A’, before the reflection gets misty. And what does she notice…a jungle complete with flora and fauna right above her eyes!

She zooms across to the nearest beauty parlor in sight and with God’s grace, they let her in.

Now what happened is the real ‘horror’ part of this post. She became ‘The lady in question’. They glared at her in utter disappointment with a look which seemed to say ‘ how-the-f**k-do-you-think-we-can-help-you’. If she could bury her head, she would do that right away!

Whoever said that eyebrows need to be threaded and not mowed down could well…just be proved wrong! After a hell lot of begging, the parlor wali girl relented and proceeded with her gardening tools err beauty tools. She gave her a decent brushing down too and I mean that literally.

Spring is all blooming now in bright colors and the haze has vanished. She now looks at the mirror till as long as one can say ‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the brightest of them all?’

P.S: And need I even state the obvious – I so hate these beauty parlor- wali girls:)

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23 thoughts on “When Ms. Junglee barged into the beauty parlor…”

  1. hahahaha……hehehehe…
    i do hate when karmanni shock me with different shapes of eyebrows with different names….
    the latest one was almost a straight line .. been called mongolian eyebrows…
    why disturb the ‘naturalness’

  2. @ Vin… eyebrows are not half as bad as waxing arms and legs after a long time expecially if you have been using the razor as a shortcut method to waxing… I know of someone for whom the parlour lady has to used Jeans cloth for waxing 🙂

  3. Karmanna!!
    >O<>O< for the winner:)
    Karmanni is an adventurous type!!!
    for me a little de-weeding is enough to keep the garden neat:)
    ‘Naturalness’ is a gift a few lucky ones have, rest millions have to tolerate these parlor girls

    oh really??? n u havent even seen me..hehehhe hahhahhahaha!!!!

    hehheheheh hahhahahhahah hehehhahaha…

  4. ST
    yeah, tell me about it!
    u tho never have to see me ever…


    add to that the incessant cribbing of the one who has to do it- the parlor girl:)
    Life is so painful man!

  5. At times,the very thot of threading terrifies me!!..
    Moreover I have been a guinea pig of an Arabian lady’s parlour tricks in the name of Hair cut!!:-)

  6. dear reader.. those few lines before one can comment (lol!) defines the grammar of life!! aint it? honest, fair, criticism.. with the right to remain an entity of the world wide web; you even thanked me for my time (lol!!) am too big a dud for the niceties… interesting!
    read quite a few scribbles.. was nice reading!33 teeth, incredible daughter, atif crush to the Pooh interview courtesy Ghazala Khan.. thank me for so much of my timeless time!
    nehi.. was good really.
    interesting topic, of beauty parlor wali beauties; in the seasons of life may spring never set (pun intended!)

    ps: just tat so much of goodness, poor proletariat me, never get to witness..

  7. ST,
    n which ‘blind’ person was that who coined that snap as antara??

    hehhehe…now i need a close-up pic of each of the experiments! good to know these girls torture not just me:):)

    yeah, tell a girl that..wish u guys needed the threading too 🙂

  8. Dear Mr. der Bergwind,

    I presume that somebody really had hell loads of time on their hands:)
    Thank you, Sir! (hoping the long comment was a compliment in good humor n u read my scribbles to get much needed sleep!)
    Do visit again when the need arises!

    Yours Hopefully,

  9. Karthik,
    kanna, yeddikke da? yeddikke Lance la accuse pandringe?
    Antara is a figment of somebody else’s imagination!!
    u r yet to ‘see’ me..hehehheahhahahha hehehheheh hahhahahhah hehehhehe hahahhaa

  10. Work hard !!
    a beautiful favor indeed:)
    thanks n do visit again!

    btw, i dont understand Haiku- its like a cryptic crossword..i will check the site in detail, thanks!

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