Beauty and the life rainbow…

And just when I had begun enjoying the concept of life akin to chasing a rainbow and actually riding on it, along comes my old friend and blows it up! Remember my parlor wala fiasco and that girl who after much pleading and lauding finally relented to do the mowing ? I had sworn never to go there even at the risk of frightening the kids and adults alike in the family and elsewhere. But time and eyebrows wait for no man err..woman. Their collective desires conspired with the universe to literally push me there.

It so happened that I had reached this other parlor just a moment before they shut-shop for the day, even though I had ventured out early but its just that my day starts in the evening and boy! what a day..There were no parlors in my line of sight and the ones which ‘seemingly’ looked like parlors and catered to both men and women didnt seem worth it. Also, as I’m the chosen one and carry the thunder cloud right above me, it would so happen that there would be a raid the very moment I set foot to ask if this is ‘indeed’ a place where they ‘cut and trim’ hair or thread eyebrows. I could already sense the triumphant joys on the cops faces for catching me young at this Godforsaken place and teaching me a lesson. The probability is that this may happen like once in a million times when the cops were not ‘catered to’, but I’m sure it was waiting to happen as soon as I would set foot, rather it would be favorable only when I set foot. Period.

But I am not as stupid as I seem to look. So, I did not set foot in the ‘all-in-one’ parlor ! That left me again at sea, where do I go for a decent threading job? The usual parlor seemed quite decent and hey..what the heck..she isn’t the only girl there. If she is hell bent on making me feel like a disgrace to feminine beauty, I would replace her with the other efficient (read humane) girls. So, I go in there but alas they too were getting ready to shut-shop. And if Truth be told, who the hell am I kidding…I’m no celebrity. Let that be my self-promotion tactic for blogsville. The owner told me to come back tomorrow within the stipulated time. Ohh Well..yes madam! Needless to say that ‘the girl’ was super delighted to see the disappointment writ large across my face which was now resembling the debutant Karishma Kapoor with her squirrel-tailed eyebrows! I did not see the looks on the other girls though.

I walk out with my face down and the life rainbow somehow had transformed into a grayscale image. I was too ashamed to walk back home and scare the kids yet again. So I take this long walk on the highway, reminiscing on the parlor wali girl’s inhuman gesture and how all the parlors conspired to boycott me. It’s not as if I were walking around with a walrus moustache or a goatee, but I almost felt like I was!

I was nearly half way up the highway when a girl caught up with me and asked me whether I had come to the parlor some time back. She was very beautiful, the kinds a guy would take home to his parents. I faintly recognised her since she wasn’t in her uniform. I said yes. She asked me what exactly I had come for. I replied. She eyed my eyebrows sympathetically and told me to visit the parlor tomorrow without any further delay. As an urgent emergency procedure, she even offered to come home with me and operate upon me! I declined her ‘over humane’ gesture but inside I was very happy that a beautiful parlor-wali girl cared for me. I laughed at the walrus moustache and the goatee I had been wearing on my mind sometime back. Hmmm…and the life rainbow burst with colors once again!

P.S: I so love these beauty parlor-wali girls:)

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37 thoughts on “Beauty and the life rainbow…”

  1. I love your easy flow writing…..

    and well, seeing my sis and mom a lot, i can assure you this always multiply how good a girl thinks she is by 2 and then square it to get the real answer……. 🙂

    And I think a gal really looks her best when she just gets up in the morning from her bed….. no make up or threading,,, just the content of the sleep on her face… hmhm lovely..

  2. Cant really map without pics… 😛

    and I agree with Chriz, more info on the parlor gal pls 🙂


    kewl post mate…

    have a nice day… cheers…

  3. the last post, the 55 pieces concept is uber cool! was trying to find 55 together.. got into some internal debate myself 🙂

    ahh! your tale of people who basically cut the dead cells, i.e. hair(some very special someone from my past had taught me hair ka hairs plural nehi hota!!) the only thing i know about the ‘hair’ measure is, that for a poor guy the entire yearly hair cut cost is lesser than a one shot for one lady at one parlour 🙂 but then of course! this is one subject i have no clue about.. rainbow colors refracted from the parlour mirrors… the heart skips a beat!! i actually liked the one where u write… the parlour wali girl.. just the types a guy wud take back home to his parents!! i mean.. killer post!! 🙂

  4. Liked ur post and @der bergwind’s comment also..
    I know how dejected it feels .. I felt it yesterday at postoffice when the person closed the shutter “thud” infront of me..and told me to come after lunch time..

    and yea..even about me 😛 along with Chriz!

  5. “face which was now resembling the debutant Karishma Kapoor with her squirrel-tailed eyebrows!”

    ROFL wat a comparison =))

    You love beauty parlor wali gals ..but i can’t even dare or try to love the men’s parlor wala guys 😀 😀

  6. An interesting read, per se. 🙂 LoL’d at the comparison.

    **It’s not as if I were walking around with a walrus moustache or a goatee, but I almost felt like I was!
    – Reminds me of Russell Peters’ take on Indian women. “No sweetheart, it is not about your mustache; nor does the blond goatee make it better!”

    Thanks for the laugh, Vinnie. It was amusing. 🙂

    Peace. Have a nice weekend.

  7. so what happened next day?? if your sight is with in human tolerance level now?

    I guess you could do a favor to that parlor vali girl by allowing her to put two of your pics with “Before” and “After”

    and then vin will be a true celebrity.. a model for a chic parlor 😛

  8. //was nearly half way up the highway when a girl caught up with me and asked me whether I had come to the parlor some time back. She was very beautiful, the kinds a guy would take home to his parents//

    INTRO Please!!! And as soon as i stpe mumbai, lemme meet her first

  9. Kanagu 🙂 thanks!
    eclairs for the winner >O<>O< Muthu thanks!
    well, ur sis n mom r naturally gifted perhaps! my eyes r dead swollen in the morning n coupled with the bushes under which they hide…ppl better hide from me!

    Chriz u really think so?? my blog is PG rated da, i cant upload scary, hideous pics here!
    u first tell me if ur out of Sonia, Renu, Pooja, Archana, etc??

  10. Amal 🙂 now i know!

    Arv hmmm, u too Brutus!!!
    thanks 🙂 u too have a nice day by meeting some ‘special’ person on ur highway:)

    Karmanna hhehehehe…yeah, she deserves much more..she is my friend now:)

  11. der Bergwindthank u:) n what internal debate was that :):)

    i am glad someone liked the post n not asking abt the parlor wali girl:) we women keep the economy in ciculation / ventilation / locomotion n u guys call it Shopping / Beauty parlor / Chocolates / Diaomonds :):)

    btw, i would like to see ur 55 fiction, really…

  12. Unknown thanks man! dont worry, one day another postoffice person will show u something keeping the shutter open for ur ’emergency’ love letter:):)

    hmmm…boys will be boys!

    Peter u imagined it n u survived!! man, u r one tough guy:)
    the comparison comes easy to me:)
    hehheheheh…..n what if one of them follows u…

  13. Karthik Mumbai has everything except time! ok baba..u come to mumbai..i’ll take u to the parlor:)

    Scrawler aka Durga glad to c u back! fiction on them..sounds fun! vaise did u like the 55 fiction story?
    Sen is busy in real world!

  14. How sweet of that girl…it actually matters so much when you feel you are lonely in your own lttle world and there is absolutely no one to understand what it feels to be in your shoes….just then if you meet someone who understands the real problem and offers to help..its heavenly 🙂

  15. Nice post. I like your description of beauty as ” as beautiful as someone a boy will take back to his parents.” 🙂

    Ugly girls must be having all the fun!


  16. These are days of recession. I’m thinking of embarking on alternate professions – setting up a beauty parlor seems to the most attractive prospect for me! Yes, I’ll open a beauty parlor. The business will be good, the money will be great and you get to meet so many pretty girls.

    I need tips from you to set up my new business. Do you think it is OK to use my lawn mower to trim customers’ eyebrows?

    He he he.. good post, vinnie!

  17. Kartz glad that u Lol’d!
    sometime back, Chriz told me abt Russell n now I even know his take on Indian Women:)
    ..:) my humble pleasure !

    Manjari thank u was an amazing experience too! c u at urs 🙂

    ST i visited within the time allotted:) folks r relieved n hoping i go every other day:)
    hey…thats a great idea !!

  18. Aditi it was heavenly :):) thanks for understanding me !

    well, i dont have that much fun, u c 🙂
    u get well soon, Captain!

    Parikshith hehheehehe…it would be n Karishma Kapoor would be ur ‘fanatic’ customers 🙂
    thank u 🙂

  19. //Mumbai has everything except time! ok baba.//

    Haha!! No time?? then lemme bank on it by starting a watch showroom 😉 TITAN, TIMEX, ROLEX 😛

    I’m not BABA… I’m PAPA

  20. i can actually relate with u…i was going on this date no. i guess 35…i wanted to get my hair a decent trim, coz it had become terribly brittle and looked dead. When i went to the parlorwali and told her kii boss mera hair trim kara do…she was like u r late, get lost 🙁

    Then what…had to go with my date no.35 with a brittle, dead hair and as predicted it did not click 🙁

  21. Sawan hehhehe…good things r happening..including u visiting me !!

    Karthik chinna papa, u have really awww-ful/some ideas da:)

    Gayathri whoaa.. date no 35!! then u must be need for any parlor-varlor! Welcome here n do keep visitng…

  22. lol… Too much self indulgence 🙂

    Sorry for the late comments. BTW… u knw wat.. u shd hv taken a flight & came to US to get the threading done.

    But I am not as stupid as I seem to look – Glad u realized it

  23. Earth Day, yes, we blissfully forgot. 🙁

    Tell you what. Mother’s Day. We will try taking it a step further. What say? (May 10th isn’t far off, either…)

    And btw, can I add u on GT/orkut/facebook..?

    Heh heh heh, no flower yet. No worries. 🙂

    Peace. Have a lovely weekend.

  24. Kartz🙂 me too forgot 🙁

    mother’s day is a great idea! let’s REMEMBER 🙂

    i am an a-social person, so not on orkut, facebook,etc:), hehhehehe…u c celebrities dont socialize…BUT they do chat with their fans:) yep, u can add me on gtalk, id hain oldfox004

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