“What is this life if not about agony, despair and sorrow?” cried the young medical intern at the government hospital.

Blood, tears and mutilated bodies dwarfed his vision as the uninvited tremors had uprooted thousands. His young blood, infuriated.

“No, it isn’t…”, stated the nurse, ‘…the lady in bed 8 has just delivered a baby!”

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36 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. ya.. some of greatest things happen at the worst of places.. not that hospitals are bad, but in between all the pain n suffering things like this are indeed a blessing

  2. wooooooooowwwww…

    a lovely 55 fiction mate… with a strong message to all those who are feeling down 🙂

    have a nice day… cheers…

  3. Hope is a good thing, may be not the best of things; but all good things never die.


    Lovely narration. Life is all about how we choose to see it. Nain?

    Peace. Have a nice day.

  4. Kanagu
    eclairs again! >O<>O<
    thank u thank u 🙂

    thanks man, u have approved it means it must be good:)

    hey Captain…thank u:) n how r u doing now?

    indeed they r…maybe everything is neutral..nothing good or bad:)

  5. Lance!!

    where the heck have u been da??? K has scandalised u big time…check his space if u havent already:)

    yeah, new life is beautiful n fills us with hope:)

  6. Manjarithank u girl:) do give 55 a try too…

    Nikhil:):) thanks yaar!

    Simply Surthank u girl:) yeh sab 55 fiction ka kamaal hain…saara story 55 words ya kum mein hi likhna hain:)

  7. Arvthankssssssssssss mate!!
    glad if the message fills up hope:)
    u too have a great day ahead..cheers!

    🙂 thanks da..it makes up for the stupid header na?? thanks to doobix.com 🙂

  8. Kartz

    🙂 haanji bilkul !
    Hope n despair exist in duality…if we maintain a neutral attitude, i guess we will begin to ‘see’ clearly 🙂

    thanks da…’Hope’ i can live upto better narrations!!

  9. Hmmmmm

    That makes a lot f sense, and I wonder if u urself realized when u wrote it !!

    Coz there are times when your words make a lot more sense than you actually estimate.

    ME liked it and this 55 fiction thngy sounds cool, i will write one soon 😉

  10. Hope is sometimes the most over used word I feel. But the way you have depicted it , its simply marvelous as it clearly puts a pessimist mind into a shift of gears towards something called ‘hope’.

    great going vinnie !!! keep the positive stuff coming ! 🙂

  11. Chriz
    🙂 audition for Rakhi’s Swayamvar

    thanks yaar..n all the very best!
    nothing makes sense to me ever!

    vaise sense n nonsense is the same…lemme prove it mathematically:
    let sense = 1 (number of value)
    and non = 0 (number of nil value)
    therefor nonsense = 01

    replacing with new values we get: 1 = 01(thus proved!!)

    i HOPE this makes sense! 🙂

  12. Gayathri
    🙂 Pls think hard whether u really want my brain…u r a brave woman!!

    a secret tip..school mein precis writing kiya tha na…got it?

    ur 55 fiction better come up soon..

    my halley’s comet! How was ur journey?? my blog has been blessed:)

  13. am a late lateef in commenting now :)..
    arey vinnie pooh.. u became an expert in 55fiction yaar..keep em..coming….and dont worry abt publicity I’ll take of it..I’ll copy one of urs and post in my blog also :D:D…

  14. and yea..2 imp things to be done..
    1) Post the twitter link on ur blog, so that people who are interested in u can follow u there
    2) Post ur blog link in twitter profile also so that ur fans there in twitter might love to read ur blog also..

  15. Sawan

    hehhehe…dont u dare:)
    thanks for the imp tips..will do that now:)

    hmmm..what can i say? kudiyon..na dariyo..chal post vost ab kariyo..kudiyon na dariyo..ST ko yun hi tang kariyo!

    u said it man..its the filth in u:) Pooh is a sweetie pie:)

  16. d gyspy
    thanks yaar! thanks for the visit n hope to c u often:)
    n i wonder why they say ‘never follow a gypsy’ 🙂

    no da..u be happy with ur novel posts:)

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