I love only you…

“sweetheart, do you really think I’m a womanizer?”


“I love you sweets”.

A fragrant feminine breeze…then a pair of sexy stilettoes tread outside the office corridor.

“sweets, I…”, juggling between her tears and the nearing stilettoes.

….   “love only…..”. The stilettoes struggle at the e-access.

He dashes to the door.

“Hi!…new joinee ?”

P.S: This is my first attempt at 55 fiction. Hope you guys like it!

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33 thoughts on “I love only you…”

  1. Ok honestly for the first time i was Like …wtf is this?

    but after reading the P.S I read it again…and i think it’s a nice effort 😉

  2. Amal 🙂 thank u!

    Unknown! Thanks man…i may try to build lekin this one is over! check the 55 fiction hyperlink n do try it too 🙂

    Sawanwow! thanks..too much really!

    Karthik🙂 he dashes to the door to open it to escort the new joinee inside…

    Lanceu bet i did!

    Nirmal🙂 glad u liked it!
    fret not…u’ll get one soon 😉

  3. Nice effort Vin, but the womaniser guy was a bit too shallow. Womanisers are some of the smartest people around. He isn’t going to run to the door. Maybe he could have looked longingly at the door while rubbing her tears off! 🙂


  4. Arv :):) Thanks so much!

    Nikhil Thanks yaar!

    Chriz 🙂

    Red_devil 🙂 all the best to u! thanks for the visit btw:)

    Peter LOLsss!! thank u:)

    ST serious feedback ah? cool..any suggestion is most welcome 🙂

  5. Nice story……

    post more….. and hey i have written a few short stories in my blog, Could you read them and post your comments on them. thanks..

  6. Muthu
    thanks! glad u liked it…will surely read ur stories n leave my comments..thanks for visiting me 🙂

    Thanks!! thanks for the visit n do keep visitng often..
    hmmmm…i may develop on it further..here its short coz its gotta be only 55 words 🙂

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  8. Whoa… Chicanery taken to new heights. Or do I dare say lows.

    No wonder the word – womanizer.

    Nicely done, Vinnie!

    Keep writing. Spread the voice.

    Peace. Have a nice day.

  9. Future mantra ho ya tantra…SPAM u guys!!! SPAM SPAM SPAM..am i talking to an automated script?? well, yes i am..have i lost it? u damn well can assume i have…now coming back to business….

    KartzThanks buddy! i’m glad u liked it:)

    Karthikwokay…pray dont be so frank da..first u dont understand my gibberish…err meaningful poems, then when i thought i had put very easy KG level fiction here…u say u still dont get it after explanation!!
    time to pack my bags from blogsville..maybe blogging is a stupid idea for me after all 🙂

  10. not able to understand Vinnie 🙁
    sorry to say this.. but really not able to get it 🙁

    my comment on the retourne poem tonight 🙂 will try 🙂

  11. //time to pack my bags from blogsville..maybe blogging is a stupid idea for me after all :)//

    May be am so dumb to understand the simplest of things.. I need to pack off 😉

  12. Karmanna🙂 hehhe..u r excellent in maths..yes, there r 3 🙂

    Workhardthanks! y dont u give it a shot too?

    Kanagu , Karthikhey, dont be sorry..come on!!
    its a fictional account created using 55 words. Karthik, nobody will pack off..we will use the comments room here (am never on chat nowadays)….

    Storyboard : There is a guy n his girlfriend inside the office. the girl accuses him of womanising. on one side, the guy is trying to convince her that he isnt, while she is crying but our Hero – the womaniser that he is, on the other side is more interested in the girl entering the office. When the new girl is finding trouble at the electronic access to come in, our Hero gets into action immediately!
    after he has escorted her thru the door, he greets her n starts his ‘usual’ talks…all this while he was expressing n convincing his girlfriend that he isnt a womaniser when in actuality he is!

    A womaniser is a man who has numerous love affairs all at the same time n keeps juggling to hide that fact from each of his lovers:)

  13. //we will use the comments room here (am never on chat nowadays)….//

    Better you come online or I’m sorry to say, you’ll be making headlines if you fail to come


  14. Kanagu ur welcome 🙂

    workhard ur haiku’s r cool!

    Karthik i’m realllllyyyy scared 🙂 ok, will try to be on gtalk around 9:00 pm IST

    Gayathri 🙂 thanks girl..do try ur head n hands at this 🙂

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