The Irony!

woh jannat ki khoj mein nikla hain…
uske liye Mecca bhi door nahi,
apni begum ki izzath se beparvaah
nikla hain tere khoj mein eh Allah !…”

Thus concluded the fakir amidst much applause.

Wah wah wah!”, praised the old Sheikh in delight and quickly got up, shoving his new virgin bride all of 12.

P.S: Please forgive the hindi-urdu mix-up if any. Also, here’s the translation for Karthik, Kanagu n Lance:
“He has left in search of heaven…
Even Mecca is not far for him,
He doesn’t care to respect his wife
He has left in search of u, O Allah!..”

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40 thoughts on “The Irony!”

  1. that was brutally good vinnie…..

    I loved it..

    i hate it when gals are subjugated and i hate it even more when they do not rebel against it…..

  2. oye halley’s comet is back dear :):)

    the wife shd get a new sheikh and shake him up if he leaves to allah to or send this guy truly to allah and spare him the ardous journey to mecca :):)
    Ye le HUGS for a cool post here :):)

  3. Velu
    thank u Captain! u r first so eclairs for u… >O<>O< Muthu
    hmmmm…this child bride is a disturbing thing, who says we r in 21st century? glad that u liked it..thanks!

    what??? u hate me? 🙁 !

    its a hippocritical society n such sheikhs will continue having more child brides…a fear based society has bred such ridiculous thoughts. i’ve heard that this happens due to a belief that one can increase his lifespan if he has intercourse with young virgins…can u beat that???

  4. Lance
    Thanks ur Highness:) K hasnt given any pearl necklace yet:( btw, can u make it platinum studded with diamonds???

    sweetie:) i know how u feel especially when we love kids…n 12 is such a tender age yaar…Allah, better intervene with hot oil, mirchi,salt,etc

    thank u, scrawler…these kinds should be drowned in their own oil produce n set fire upon

  5. Arv
    thanks mate! u have a good (sleepy) day too 🙂

    he is sitting on the fence behind..kinda camera shy guy:)

    thanks da:)

    reality affects us one way or the other…hope u liked this at least:)

  6. Simply Sur
    shukriya shukriya janab:)

    Preetihalley’s back!
    the wife could do so much but she is just a little kid…n thats the whole effing issue:( 🙁
    thanks n hope to c urs soon..i know it would be dead funny:)

    i hope i got the dots in ur name right ?? 🙂
    thanks yaar 🙂

    Peterhehhehee..thank u !! thank u !!
    now i know for sure u accept my equation:)
    maine aaj subah ka injection nahi liya 🙁

  7. Good one Vinnie………………i am sure there must be some intresting stories in the old sheikhs family as well. Do explore them. I just found one between Rubina (one of the 12) and Azar (Musician)

  8. Inder

    thanks! LOLsss..great idea yaar..ekdum sahi hain!
    btw, 12 is her age not her number in his harem!
    par Rubina n Azar sounds yummmmm:)

  9. Ergg…. Is this blog turning panch panch fiction vinnie??? :O

    //He has left in search of heaven…//

    Died.. ok!!

    //Even Mecca is not far for him,//

    //He doesn’t care to respect his wife//

    //But he has left in search of Allah!..//

    He didnt care for his wife?? then why MECCA??? :O he shd b put in hell not Heaven (Mecca)

  10. Karthik
    thanks for ur PJ’s lekin yeh kadwa sach hain..child brides..literally baby brides..utterly disgusting we humans r 🙁

    thanks yaar!

    thanks for dropping in..u r most welcome 🙂 a friend of muthu is my friend too!
    vaise, r u related to Anoop Desai – that American Idol contestant?
    sad he didnt make it..hope they bring him back thru wildcard!

    thanks for liking this realistic fiction!

  11. Vinnie, thing is am a stranger who’d dropped into muthus blog one fine day and started following the blog,and now onto yours thro his blog and i guess this blog hopping would continue…as long i find time n good stuff to read online..
    only i wish i too could try my hand at creative writing…

    and thannks to the Desai guy, atleast my name is world famous;)
    btw if photography sounds drop into my photo-blog..,

  12. //PJ’s lekin yeh kadwa sach hain.//

    Wooh ladki hey kahaan… :)DIL CHATA HAI







  13. Anoop
    from strangers to friends…i will definitely visit ur blog!
    Anoop Desai..will always remain within me..those eyes to die for and that voice to live for!

    pls start with 55 fiction…dont ‘try’..all the best!

    woh ladki hain yahan…ti di di di di di..ti di di di!
    STUPID 🙂 wow..u made that up???
    i’m tagging u for 55 fiction

  14. I am alive
    its only 55 words..try it for urself too..check my first one titled – I love only u

    thanks 🙂 n Shaikh’s with baby wives r horrendous 🙁

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