Food for thought

After she had put down the receiver

‘That was P, right?’


‘Why don’t you let him speak? You were doing all the talking’.

‘That’s how P is!’

‘Oh yeah! So many years and you tell me he prefers to listen and that too to you.’

‘Maa, he had a few questions’.

‘Huh! And you were giving answers to all the questions in this world?’

‘Hehe..he did speak a bit but how could you hear him…next time I’ll on the speaker’.

‘What do you guys keep chatting all the time?’

‘Life, politics, business ideas….gossip, philosophy and yes, mothers too’.

‘Ah that! …and what about marriage?’

‘Yeah, we talk that too. He tells me about his follies and I tell him mine. We sort of console each other. Hehe’.

‘Look girl, intellectualizing and philosophizing is good but you need to be practical too’.

‘But dad had so many sessions devoted to all this at home. And don’t forget, you made loads of chicken for all his friends.’

‘Yeah…leave all that to the men; they have the license to waste time…….besides how long do you think the philosophizing would continue on an empty stomach?

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34 thoughts on “Food for thought”

  1. Velu
    🙂 these little conversations teach so much!
    thanks Captain..

    thanks buddy…

    perfecto!! thank u thank u:)

    thanks da! 🙂

    thanks yaar..:):)
    Mr. P usually dozes off while i go bak-bak-bak…n she would hear loud snores anyways!

  2. Amal
    thank u sir…i remebered i have to do the ‘dream -wala’ post too!

    thanks buddy!!

    thanks girl…:)

    aint it?? thanks!

    wild child
    thanks girl..agree!

    hmmmm…it did happen! its a thought-provking ending, no?
    thanks for the visit:)

  3. Sawan
    hehehe..ok, thanks!

    yep..but only stops till here..:)

    hare Ram! i dont know what u meant or didnt mean…but u have echoed big time:) 🙂

  4. i dont agree with the empty stomach-no-gyan bit… therez a saying in bengali – ‘the world of hunger is rather poetic… the full moon looks like a ‘jala hua roti’
    food for thought is quite an ironic, meaningful one!
    but wow… this inspired me more than those zoozoo’s shrieking in whites!
    🙂 n now ud be humble abt ur IQ levels n all… bring misery unto me! sigh… i hope u read this after a meal, it’d lubricate ur ‘understandings’ 😛

  5. Arv
    good good! u too buddy:)

    good boy u r!

    der Bergwind
    🙂 ok ok ! my IQ is 120+ ..bhare pet par jithni chaho philosophy maar lo…lekin khaali pet chaand par kab thak kavita likhega???
    aakhir kab thak yeh decide karega ki chaand is ‘jala hua roti or dosa’ ??
    anyways, u r inspired ironically so i take it as a compliment!
    thanks saar:)

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