Hoping against hope

He always wanted to make it big. He always wanted to leave a legacy. And this bright morning, as he stood outside the hot Mumbai studio, he knew his time had come. The auditions were going on in full swing. Mr. Doyle, the new age Robinhood, was making a realistic movie about his folks. They all knew he should be the lead actor. Who else can dance in shit without raising a stink? The movie was rumored to cater to the world’s elite, the world’s most civilised people. And then the ‘other’ side would know. O how the West was won!

At last his dreams would come true. So, with a pure intention and a noble cause he marched right ahead into the auditioning rooms. He cleared the dialogue rendition and a dance round with some number like…ding ding dinga with much ease. The final round was a personal interview with Mr. Doyle.

‘So tell me, Shera, why do you think you should play the lead role?’

‘Sir, you are making a movie about scum and squalor rising towards change, a movie of hope against hope and Sir, I am the ‘real’ thing. I actually live in those slums. My folks and I have tough lives but tougher dreams, Sir. We want to bring in a change. Who better than me, Sir? You and I shall win the West. Together, we can and we will. The twain shall meet, Sir.’

Mr. Doyle smiled. Shera knew that he had him there. Wagging his tail with sheer excitement, he headed towards his home with his chest held high in the air. Every dog has his day!

The results were out a few days later. Some outsider by the name of Damal would play the slumdog! And rumor has it that Shera has been chained ever since the first day of the shoot, due to a sudden ‘biting’ spree.

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31 thoughts on “Hoping against hope”

  1. What made you write this :O
    I had enough of Slumdog…so i close My eyes, or ears when i see or hear anythng related to it ..but i enjoyed ur sarcasm 😀

    LOL at “Who else can dance in shit without raising a stink” 😛

    new template is cool ..but make the fonts are dull, make it bold.. 😀

    happy blogging !

  2. Hi Vin.

    I see you are doing the fiction now. Good one. The equating of the lead to a firangi kutta was a bit extreme, but poetically justified. 🙂


  3. Arv
    🙂 thanks! ..jus wanted to write about animals n then this idea came!

    thanks yaar! chilled out sleeping sleeping…:)

    thanks da:) TC!

  4. Rags
    hehehhe…bau vau vau back 2 u!

    chutney of just about all that!

    thanks saar! Well, black it is then:)

    thank u thank u 🙂

  5. Peter

    hehhee..i dunno..some doggie in chains, i guess:)
    thanks yaar…frankly i hate the idea of commercialising ‘real issues’ n making a song n dance out of the prevailing inequality in present society. they r human beings too n deserve equal respect.

    dharavi thrives on a whole new ecosystem…only from within can it be altered..maybe a ‘documentary’ would have been a better idea..but a documentary at the Oscars???
    on a more neutral approach, i feel some positive improvements have happened after the movie..including Rehman starting a music school for poor kids:)

    Jai ho!

  6. Muthu
    thanks dude:)

    well, read my reply above to Peter…i have nothing against the movie..i am trying to be the objective observer n learning to accept things neutrally..

    though i would have prefered Jamal to be played by a knowledgable insider rather than an ignorant actor ‘Dev’..thats so close to reality, really!

  7. Amal
    thanks yaar!

    thanks yaar! i like little dogs..puppies:)

    ammam:) iddhe ‘real’ story..thanks 🙂 n this template will live long!!

    thanks Captain!
    well, i’m a nobody to equate anything at all! but it is us humans who denigrate ‘dogs’ but also call them ‘mans best friend’ as it suits us:)
    sorry if anybody is hurt..btw shera is still on his biting spree:)

  8. you called him/it Damal 🙂 but then its ok.. ‘man is born free but everywhere he is in chain!’ so i guess slumdog is at least honest, while we form the beauty ‘n beast club without a shame but rather lots of self-pity!
    nice, dark.. hints of sarcasm and served in white on the black template of ‘the Pooh’… tasty 🙂
    i agree on the insider-outsider debate but then aint no documentary this. movie made its money, made ’em stars, last i heard the guy-gal were dating 🙂
    shit happens, stink, and then the air thins out… as i see it.

    i aint no reality show humbug judge-head but ya, i liked the idea.. reminded me of ‘animal farm’ george orwell (smooth as a butter knife!) hope agaisnt hope 🙂 or hope – thy opium of life!
    ignore my mindless rambling.. nice post, this.

  9. i was trying to rhyme with ur slum dog post…good after hearing ur experience mein bhi koshis karta hunn chaneye keye jhad par chadkar duniya ko niharneye ka.

    ohh yes ur labels are really kewel:)

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