Vinphy’s AnyTimeMoney? Laws:

1. An ATM is a thinking machine. It has an ego so Be Kind to it.

2. On cash-strapped days, one can see the neighborhood ATM grinning from side to side.

3. The bugs in the ATM s/w get activated at the same rate of urgency with which you need cash.

4.The amount of currency inside the ATM is inversely proportional to the amount needed.

5. The newly installed standby machines are just that – stand by.

6. The first time ATM users who are learning all the functions will almost always be before you.

7. An ATM has a soul and a karma and the money in it is an illusion.

8. God doesn’t need cash. All ATM’s are in hell.

9. The queue at the ATM is directly proportional to the urgency of cash needed.

10.‘God-damn-you!’ command to an ATM means that you want to gift your card to it.

P.S: These are my ‘real life’ experiences/ lessons. Please abide by them seriously.

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30 thoughts on “Vinphy’s AnyTimeMoney? Laws:”

  1. Aren’t there any ‘kind natured’ ATM’s ?

    You know the ones who shell out unlimited money if you just said ‘Pleeaasse?’ in front of it.

    Good one:-)I can see you’ve had quite a love-hate relationship with ATM’s, Vin.

  2. * u r nearest ATM is always out of order.
    * u r office ATM is a dating point.
    * and yes u would find at least one person blaring on his mobile as if Mr. Ambani has come down to take out cash and he is getting late.
    These are my additions to the list of yours.
    So true and well said.

    Keep Rocking,

  3. “10.‘God-damn-you!’ command to an ATM means that you want to gift your card to it.”

    Lol, how true! One time my ATM card literally was like sucked in alive by the ATM…so not cool! Cause you feel pretty helpless as it slides in and then decides that it’s nice and cosy and has no plans of coming out.

  4. It’s quite some time since I last read scientific laws and boy! wasn’t I in for a joy ride?:)

    The ATM laws are witty and at the same time so true to life…file for an IPR soon!:)

  5. some truths indeed regarding atms..
    esp the queue part…

    i have run out of cash now and i need some money.. hope there is no queue there

  6. No:6!!!

    They stand inside for like 15 mins… They walk out after what may seem like an end of an era, they come and ask you which way do I insert it…

    Vinphy rocks… I think this will end up in school text books 😀 …

  7. the other day i went to the ATm, i dint have much balance, and i tried taking more than I had and the monitor gave me a finger… how mean… 🙁

  8. The amount of Currency inside ATM is directly proportional to the amount youngistan needed

    The queue at the ATM is directly proportional to the sensual dance Nisha, Mallika together dancing!!

  9. BrownPhantom
    🙂 doesnt he? but WHY ??? grrrr!

    well…thanks but dont laugh too much..i am paying now:(

    🙂 thank u saar!

    🙂 thanks man

    thanks da… i am the Chosen One!

  10. Nikki
    🙂 aint they?

    hehhehehe…mine grins n if i look long, it sticks out a tongue too!

    ah ha! always the case for me…thanks for ur contribution saar!

    🙂 would love to know such ATM’s..koi khabar nathi 🙁

  11. Prasant
    hhehee..bloody true!
    thanks for this n i am now wondering which office u work at?

    hehhehehee…not yet!

    Wild child
    🙂 hehehehe…u bet!

    ohh..that happened to u:) mean ATM’s as if we dont care for our cards !

    Calvy ride at my expense 🙂
    hehehe..i have to!
    thanks for ur visit…

  12. Ashwathy
    thanks girl!

    i too hope the queue disappears before u!

    hahahhahhahha..what do u tell them?? insert it into …???
    school text books…hmmmm

    oh, mean they r 🙁

    hmmm…nisha..malika??? 🙂

  13. LOL all the way!!
    so very true statements!!! especially “The queue at the ATM is directly proportional to the urgency of cash needed.”.. Just when you need the booty, there is an infinite queue and each one seems to take an eternity to draw the cash out!! some ppl are just standing for a balance receipt!!! tats just enough to really piss u off!!!

    hehe… well written!


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