Vinphy’s Date Laws:

1. Prior to the special date, a mountain of a pimple will erupt overnight.

2. A certain well-wisher will fix blind dates for you on your bad-hair days only.

3. The only dress that fit correctly will be in the laundry just before a ‘sudden date’.

4. Your mother will wash that one best-fit, never-washed jean on the day of your ‘first impression date’.

5. If your date is a secret one, you will most definitely meet your curious neighboring aunty at the neighboring table.

6. Your date will almost always arrive after you have escorted a blind old man/woman to the other side of the road and returned to the meeting spot.

7. The more expensive your date dress, the more the chances of something spilling on it.

8. Dandruff comes along with the black dress.

9. Your date will almost always be shorter than you, the one time you wear that extra high, special stilettos.

10. High hopes on your old battered car is of no use; it will run smoothly on that special long drive.

P.S: Please share if you have more and I’m sure you guys have loads to share 🙂

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34 thoughts on “Vinphy’s Date Laws:”

  1. LOL 🙂 !!

    Well since I never got a date, most of these rules did not apply to me fortunately. In fact I think I am more of the “pados Ka uncle” on the next table
    That will ruin all secret dates!:)


  2. This is more interesting than the murphy laws and all the laws that i mugged up for science exams.

    ok…my law for date, You always tend to make a blunder even if you try not to…like one of my friend burped loudly when he went on a date with this cute girl…he tried not to but sigh, he did.

  3. hmmmm… the best restaurant runs out of ur fav choices from the menus… 🙂

    cute post da 😛

    am sure it wont happen to ya 🙂

  4. Lolz. But I think we make so much fuss over a date. If you do something silly but which is natural, one shouldn’t make a hue& cry about it.

    Nevertheless…its fun getting ready for a date!

  5. * you mightoversleep and missthe mostdatable guy 🙂

    *you might leave your wallet back at home

    *worst of all, you might forget if you are supposed to date aguyora girl (sheesh preet stopit :P)

  6. Velu
    first!! eclairs 4 u >O<>O< ...oh no..considering ur weight loss program...anyways, u better share it with ur wife!
    thanks for sharing Captain!

    really? !!
    hehe, never try NOT TO BURP 🙂
    thanks for sharing this:)

    n that too when ur date is dead boring:) thanks n hope this doesnt happen to u too:)

  7. ST
    thanks! n where’s ur contribution?

    🙂 thanks!

    its more fun with all the blunders na…:) thanks!

    cool! thanks for ur share!
    spinach ..thats still ok, i guess, na?

    hmmmmm…hope these were not from ur own experiences..hehhe
    thanks for ur share!

  8. Amal
    good u rememebr them..coz i will forget soon:)

    haah! just fractured it!
    what a wish!

    der Bergwind
    hehhehe.. thank u sir!! n thanks for minding the IQ < 20..really, means so much to me:) Kanagu
    thanks da..what LOL challenge? my friends say i am a LOL-challenged person:)

  9. Still waiting. 😛

    And well, my date will definitely be shorter than me. 😛 Stilettos or not. 😉

    Ummm… Lemme take a shot here. How abt something clichéd.

    “It is also similar to ordering something in a restaurant. U look at the neighbouring table and wish you’d ordered that.” ;D


  10. hey my law somehow missed in the list..

    it is”The most hottest woman u will ever date will be the most dumbest woman u will ever meet” 😛

  11. Kartz
    hmmmmm…cliched but nice:)
    thanks sweetie!

    dont wait long dear..all the best!

    experience ah??? nice one!
    thanks for sharing that:)

  12. Kanagu
    yep, i remmeber u saying u r gonna write for that, didnt check the link then…anyways, i have submitted now…hope they at least smile 🙂
    thank u saar!

  13. tat was funny…

    lol… 🙂

    but i have never been on a date vinnie… 🙁

    but here i will give a shot at one law-

    the more you like your date, the more you tend to mess up things….

    how s that 4 a general axiom….

  14. Ashwathy
    thank u girl…thanks for visiting me…will try my best:)

    well, y do i feel this is from ur personal diaries ?? r u sure u never went on a date?

  15. Hey just randomly came across your profile, and this post is hilarious! And so true about dates, especially the whole bad hair day or breaking out with a pimple…argh! Lol, maybe it’s because the stress levels get pretty high and the excitement races leading up towards a big date?

    Luckily for me, my dating life has been pretty flawless (touch wood! haha). Minus the one Valentine’s Day when my date got stuck in a snow storm, and so we missed our reservation, and then got snowed in. Lol, we ate Chinese take-out on my couch, him in his nice button down shirt & pants and me in my pretty red dress. Fun nonetheless. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts. PS noticed you called yourself an artist on your profile, I think you’d like my blog then – it’s centered around art. 🙂

  16. Archana
    thanks for visiting. yep, there must be some connection between stress/excitement n the mischievous pimple!
    u have a flawless dating, girl n do read all what u can here.
    sure, will check ur blog…i am just training some inborn skills, not a professional artist:)

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