Point taken!

The two of them were returning from the meeting point. The ‘interested party’ and the relatives who had arranged the meet were also on their way home. Now, that was three disjoint search parties in search of three absolutely different things in life.

The two of them were silent till they reached home. They had loads of talking going on in their respective heads.

The evening back at home was rather uneventful except for the occasional ‘He was well dressed’ and ‘His mom looks kind’ to ‘looks like a happy family’

The next day in the morning

‘Your cousin may call up anytime. We need to be prepared with our reply’

She was tensed to the core and not a nerve had any flow. How could she reject somebody whom her cousin had hunted down with so much love…besides, her mom will start breathing only after her wedding

‘Maa..he was well dressed and my would be maa-in-law looked so kind’.

‘What? You are saying yes to that jerk. I absolutely see no match here. What’s going on in your head?’

‘Maa..you are the one fretting over my marriage always…besides, how can we say a ‘no’ to them!’

‘Huh! Forget your cousin, forget my fretting…you think I’ll marry you off to some jerk? For God’s sake…I am your mother!’

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27 thoughts on “Point taken!”

  1. ‘He was well dressed’ and ‘His mom looks kind’

    is that what u look? lol..

    n abt parents.. ya, sometimes we just wont get them!!

    nicely written, good work

  2. lol, was that a trap for the parents 🙂

    I have a strong aversion against arrange marriage, but seem i am going soon on that highway till i find love along the way 🙂

    keep penning:)

  3. If its a story… then its a good one…

    If its real one then!!! mother is quite brave lady, have crystal clear thinking!!!

    It reminds me of some one!!!


  4. Amal
    true yaar! i’m finally getting to know my mum:) thanks!

    Hopeless Romantic
    hehehe..i guess changing ur name to ‘Hopeful Romantic’ would do the necessary Vastu improvement to ur love life!
    thanks yaar..

    not at all…this happened sometime back n i wished to write something for her!

    der Bergwind
    Amen failure!!
    this is me n my mum n such is life:)

  5. Peter
    true! first lemme be a good daughter n that is a long way now…

    hehhee..the words were used as per what i had felt that time!
    thanks da…

    yep..cheers to her!

    hhehe..mere paas aisi Maa hain!

  6. Sandeep
    she is a brave, clear-thinker n its a disgrace that me a darpok, chaotic girl is her daughter!
    thanks yaar…

    Simply Sur
    🙂 thanks girl..hope u doing fine!

    thank u saar!

  7. woah… it did happen… moms could be tricky they make right decisions when you don’t expect them…

    what gave you the idea for giving 60’s look to your photo… just wondering… 🙂

  8. Life is rather stranger than what it seems ! Moms are a quite complicated at times with their mood swings and approach but they always the best for their kid.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  9. DPhatsez
    hmmm..i’d rather stay calm n let her take the reins..Mum knows better:)

    ApocalypsE aka Nirmal
    hehhee..she saves me so many times n i never see that 🙁
    60’s look – i happened to see a similar effect on my friends pic n i liked it, so…trust me, the original pic is scary!

    🙂 dont they ??

    🙂 they sure do!

    🙂 moms r women too! v both have major mood swings n then she handles better:) its my pleasure!

  10. Hey, That was sweet.
    All moms are like that..
    Thodi meethi thodi khatti 🙂
    Give my regards to your mom…
    I am sure when she will start blogging she will have to tell us so many ‘weird’ incidents just like this one about you ….

  11. nice story , can be utilised for the any advertisement on tv
    how about there is one reality show coming up on rakhi sawant marriage ,they can use this dialogue .

  12. I am alive
    🙂 thanks girl…sure i will do that but her blog ..oops..meri poal khul jayegi 😛

    hehhee…thats a great idea! glad u liked this story!

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