Vinphy’s Phone laws:

1. The rate of battery drain increases exponentially to the rate of urgency of an expected call.

2. Just when you’re expecting the ‘Will you be mine?’ part, the battery takes a cue and plays dead.

3. ‘Roaming’ is just that – keep roaming till you find a signal.

4. ‘Happy to help you’ is an oxymoron.

5. ‘Caller tunes’ can also be called as ‘Cooler tunes’.

6. The month you had taken a ‘maun vrath’ will always have the highest bill.

7. Phone companies have a sense of humour. How else can one explain the ‘service tax’?

8. Value added services add more value to the company’s turnover.

9. The ‘mute’ button goes deaf when you speak the Truth involuntarily.

10. A dog can follow you everywhere except for closed, confined spaces eg. Toilets, lifts

11. The price of a cellphone will begin falling only after you have bought it.

12. ‘Customer Care’ is short for ‘Customer.. Care a Damn for you’.

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41 thoughts on “Vinphy’s Phone laws:”

  1. 13. Activation and deactivation of unwanted services are not in ur hands irrespective of how responsible and awake u are.

    14. The best model becomes the most common and ignored one in no time.

    15. Customer care service centers are not Dogs, at least dogs are faithful.

    many more ….. 🙂
    gud one 😛

  2. a mobile phone is used primarily for voice calls and texts.

    but ‘happy to help’ and for ‘customer care’ and ‘owners pride’, ‘love’s delight’… there HAS TO be a meeeggga pixel camera, mp3 musik, FM, video call, recording, games…

    its not just a phone, its who we are, aint so?? funny how we expect the unexpected from ourselves…

    a harmless post, true… but shows how we wanna live life outta box, uncaring 🙂

  3. Vinnie – U should be given some award like-

    “the law maker of Blog ville” yaar.

    Your laws are so much fun and ironic.

    Loved every single one of them.

    I esp loved the 2 nd one and the 8 th one.

    Hey & you new DP is cool. Is that Really U?? then U have a great smile yaar.. 🙂

    Do come up with more rules.. 😛

    cheers vinnie. 🙂

  4. The maximum number of calls you would have received will be

    hi!!main reshma.mujhse aur meri friends se dost karne keliye dial 2/min

    har gehre rishtey ki shuruwaat hoti hai dosti. To kya aap anjali,sonia,kavita jaise hazaron doston main shaamil nahi hona chahenge?dial [email protected] 2/min

  5. Well said like always. 🙂 Number 1 “The rate of battery drain increases exponentially to the rate of urgency of an expected call.” is SO true!

    My deranged cell phone is over-touch sensitive and definitely has a mind of its own, I have been on the phone with someone and if I lean too close to the screen it has led to situations where it accidentally goes on speaker, or worse, hangs up. I’m replacing it this month, thank god. I couldn’t do it any earlier cause of the infamous phone ‘contracts’. Ugh, they’re so binding. Lol.

  6. Arv
    yep!! n that too loads:)

    🙂 it has to..thats a rule!

    n that someone has only her blog to get it all out at!

    u too, dosth!! i can’t agree more..n many more…:P
    n how about the Vodafone dog that claims to follow u everywhere???

    Good boy!! may u learn from the wise (battered) ones 🙂

  7. der Bergwind
    hit me at one tangent this time…when priyanka says it, it feels so good, lekin it needs an addition…”Its not just a phone, its who we are…fools, aint we?”

    thanks…i am the chosen one!
    u agree with Most of them..tell me which u dont agree with..i will be happy to prove it to u 😛

    hmmmm..u r reading me na..thats enough reward 😛
    2 n 8 – personal experiences, right?
    nopes, thats Vin2 – my other self..she used to blog here earlier n i’ll convey ur compliments to her…thank u:)

    yikes! i’m relieved i never got any such call..maybe the phone companies have a scripted program that makes such calls to ‘Young boys’ did u call?? Rs 2 per min is so chaep da 😛

  8. Prasant
    thaanku! foreigner these days know the mantra by heart unlike us Indians 🙂

    🙂 thanks yaar! 1-10 r also agreeable na:P

    thanks girl!! experience has made us wiser…ouch! ur phone has gone bonkers..get a good phone since the service providers r all the same – a bunch of jokers making jokes at ur expense n above all extracting a ‘service tax’ for the bloody joke..grrrrrr!

    hehhehe..khaafi saare phones aur service providers ke baad…’wise’ ban gaya si!

  9. lol, it reminds me of a episode in the serial office-office when a mobile company advertise with a tagline – kone kone mein humhara network. Pankaj kapur goes everywhere to find the network..he goes back n the ppl from the mobile company says…Kya aapne kone mein check kiya…wahan karo..humhara n.w sirf wahin aata 😛

  10. itatemybrain
    thanks man..experience speaks!

    Hopeless Romantic
    lolss…kone kone mein network..literally!!
    thanks for sharing..
    glad u liked this…vaise yeh sab sachhe rules hain…not office-office:P

    annoyed?? i could just about shoot them all if i can build a transmission tower of my own…

  11. /*The price of a cellphone will begin falling only after you have bought it.*/

    I will buy after the company stops the production.. LOL

    /*Phone companies have a sense of humour. How else can one explain the ‘service tax’?*/

    LOL 🙂

    /*The rate of battery drain increases exponentially to the rate of urgency of an expected call.*/

    can’t stop laughing 🙂

  12. Lolz. All the twelve points are so true. I have been left hanging on the phone trying to get something corrected by the customer care people!

  13. Rags
    then why do u ‘buy’ it..just steal it! thank u 🙂

    ok..ok..u may laugh at my plight but do follow them..they r all proven…

    Miss Kido
    thaaanku..thaanku behen…tum has has kar girna nahi bisthar se!

    glad to have made u LOL…at least i know u ‘really’ exist..thanks for the visit 🙂

  14. Nikki
    🙂 good to lol away at times as these…

    ‘real analysis’…u make me sound like a TV news channel…Thanks for the suggestion:P

    thanks sweets…the feeling’s mutual..i vent it out n u love to gobble it up 😛

    hehehheee…should have included that …totally agreed!
    if u have set a ‘cheap item number’ as ur ring tone, and u r having a one-on-one with ur manager, the bloody thing has to ring loudly!

  15. The ‘mute’ button goes deaf when you speak the Truth involuntarily.

    lol…all the points are so true…and i so agree with the CC one…man customer care people give me a headache…

  16. d gypsy
    🙂 thaaanku!

    🙂 now u did! little things too follow Murphy 🙂

    Twisted Elegance
    thanks so much!! n u r most welcome 🙂

  17. Kartz glad u back here..most oldies have retired from blogosphere 🙂

    hehehe…it had to be nice na 🙂
    every loss is also a things r always balanced, always in equilibrium ..3 yrs made me wise:P

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