Of Candle light dinners and the dark ages

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I can distinctly recall that one memorable day from our courtship days. Mr. Right went all out of his slothful way, to make me a dinner that I’ll always remember. The ‘tried-to’ barbeque chicken, the fried ‘hilsa‘, the sautΓ©ed tiger prawns all with a splash of Maggi hot-n-sour sauce. I’m not so sure whether he has bartended before but the Smirnoff-Tropicana lychee cocktail was a killer. The yummy masala cheese cubes and the strawberry with cream still linger in the memory of my taste buds. I could cross seven Antarcticas for him!

I had shut off the lights and lit some candles left over from Diwali. We had the most beautiful romantic dinner anybody anywhere could ever have had.

Someone wise had said that ‘With great power comes greater responsibility’. He or she was not wise enough to include the lesser souls like me, who have ‘no power’ at all. Which means that I cannot start the washing machine, I cannot open my inbox nor can I play pop-in, pop-out with my toaster.

Every morning the Mister and I make a list of to-do’s and as soon as he’s out to office, the power takes a cue and goes for a nap. The to-do’s listed under my name have piled up so high, that if we were to do a see-saw with our list of to-do’s, the Mister will be seen smiling and waving cheerfully from the ‘up’ side.

Although he calls me a perfectionist, deep in my heart I know what he really means to say. He is actually fed up with me taking forever and ever and ever and the frequent power cuts do not help my cause either. I’m not a sucker for the idiot box and reality shows bore me to the peak. More so, I haven’t even re-subscribed to our DTH. God knows I’m even contemplating a mini-Nirvana every time the power goes off. But who is to tell the Mister that? He has a picture of me sitting delighted, relaxing my butts on the ‘down’ side of the see-saw and fanning myself with the exotic hand fan I had bought during our honeymoon with one hand and my list of to-do’s in the other.

I have no intention of celebrating ‘Earth Hour’ every hour of my daytime nor do I relish smelling my armpits. At most I wish to end the Dark Ages with a peaceful candle light dinner. I have four boxes of plain white candles, a box of scented candles, a teddy bear candle from my recent birthday and a red glass candle stand that slouches rather passionately beside the bed. I wish someone out there ‘plucks out’ that memorable day and waves it in front of the Mister.

He gives one glance at the meter box and it winks back ‘I’m on work strike mate!’. The Mister then promptly takes me out for a quick fix dinner at any one of our neighbourhood restaurants. I’m certain that the owners of these restaurants are bribing my meter box. Corruption is everywhere!

But with the frequent power cuts, we both have come to the same conclusion which is a rarity in our case – ‘with no power comes no responsibility’. Adios Antarctica!

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18 thoughts on “Of Candle light dinners and the dark ages”

  1. Powerless against powercuts :p
    You have an interesting, laidback style of writing.

    And think I will try the lychee Smirnoff combo – it sounds good.

  2. Vinnie,

    Your sense of humour has improved so much after marriage. I am so happy that you take this misery in stride and write such hilarious post. Well done. LOL.

    Take care

    PS : I had navigated to your older post about Mr Right. Left comment on previous post too. I have added a couplet to my Follow Up post.

  3. wow..do u live in karachi too? dat power-cut stuff is getting on my nerves here…
    u write pretty high-end…like the names of things u state n ur English is very impressive πŸ™‚

    I write on relationships mostly as well as some funny stuff.
    I hope u can be a follower if u like my blog? Don’t forget to comment please !!
    The Emotional Lava
    Best of Luck for ur blogging.

  4. With great power comes great responsibility so don’t worry vina ::) i am sure ur to do list will shrink with time and lets try red wine, olives and fish fry :P…by the way i m still ur fan of humor, English and like ur new sexy blog πŸ˜›

  5. Haha this was so cute! The way u related that quote to power cuts- only you can do that! I read your blog after 2 years maybe….Awesomeness! Pls tweet whenever u update ur blog…I hardly blog aaj kal n i really want to catch up on your blog >:D< and and and ur a perfectionist?? virgo kya?? u make to do list !! sahi hai!! :O

  6. Purba
    πŸ™‚ yep..powercuts are bad.
    Thanks so much!
    You should try it…

    Uncle Jack
    humour is my survival strategy!
    am gonna read ur couplet…n thanks for reading my older post too;)

  7. Catgirl
    I live in Pune, near Mumbai where the Ambani brothers consume most of the power Reliance generates…for their respective palaces!
    Thanks for ur kind words and wishes…will certainly visit u…emotional lava..hmmmmm!

    my to-do list is a magical one…it refills itself:(
    sounds yummy…lets do it ;P
    thanks so much πŸ˜€

  8. Mads
    πŸ˜› glad u liked it!
    will tweet u…hope u restart ur blog soon…ya phir micro-blogging ka hi iradha hain kya?

    no, i’m a slowpoke. Aries. He is a Virgo and loves lists – he even lists within lists within lists… :O

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