a little tear goes trickling by…

slowly slowly the drops form
sometimes salty but always warm
a little red flashes at times
once you miss it, once it dies!

mindless, ceaseless, raining drops
trickling, rushing, hiding drops
drop by drop maketh a puddle –
liquid pain anchored in a muddle

years of anguish and some despair
all tucked within the beautiful pair
each has a tale tied by a string,
like beaded pearls hanging on a ring

sometimes silent, sometimes playful
a little nudgy, a little hopeful
a little tear goes trickling by
finding no foe, no friends nearby…

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8 thoughts on “a little tear goes trickling by…”

  1. She bore the pains of unshed tears umpteen,
    each that inward lay; afar from the seen.
    A solitary soul by lively facets veiled,
    beauty such; to only fortunate hearts revealed.

    What you wrote was heartfelt 🙂

    Dead Poet.


    In a world of uncertainty,
    In this age of calamity;
    How do we find our way,
    And walk towards unity?

    So some drama let’s really raise,
    Here is really what I want to say:
    Tears will roll without control,
    This perhaps is the only way!…

    I wish to bathe in the sun daily,
    Srimad-Bhagavatam certainly!
    The very best let’s not dismiss,
    How else are we to find peace?

    So to end this here let’s pray:
    May we cry and laugh today,
    Unload/download all that weight,
    And be ourselves in full display!…

    29 September 2012

  3. Wow! This is beautiful…Can you please tell me where can I find more such reads?

    The flow is beautiful and loved the ending stanza..yes, lets just get rid of all the burden and cry and laugh and be ourselves!

    Soothingly beautiful poetry if i can say that..actually it can be a beautiful song sung in some regional language?!

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