Turning three and feeling young again!

I can’t believe our blog – that is also our source of bread and butter – turns three today! Here’s our mascot with the birthday cake:

LI-mascot-cakeAfter a false start on April fool’s day, our blog ‘Lighthouse Insights’ was formally launched on December 1, 2010. A day before I had confided to my hubby and partner-in-crime (then fiancé) that I plan to look for content related jobs to help moonlight my daytime struggle with design assignments I was struggling to find.

Why go outside when you can join me?” he said. Surprised and amused, I asked him what was he talking about!

He sent me a blog link with around 10 posts on marketing, word of mouth marketing, customer service, social media magic and more. I liked the substance in this blog but would I be paid? It was named ‘Bee Societal’ and I couldn’t imagine working for a blog named like that. Also, I was living in Mumbai and we didn’t know when to get married!

When everything is a big question mark, you surrender to the divine forces. I did that and almost magically, we worked on this blog with me in Mumbai and him in Pune. First things first – ‘Bee Societal’ was renamed to ‘Lighthouse Insights’ after a brainstorming session on the phone, minus our brains!

The initial months were full of self-training and observation – social media practices, human behaviour, blog content, SEO basics and link building, digital marketing, Seth Godin, English & grammar (actually studied through Wren and Martin which was optional in school!) and much more. This process of learning kept me engaged and excited as well.

But, the location difference was still a problem and we couldn’t be engaged forever. So we got married. One month later, we moved to a personal domain and there has been no looking back ever since. Within seven months of marriage and the blog’s first anniversary, the hubby put down his papers at the IT company that used to pay our rent and bills. January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 was a complete roller-coaster ride of a year, we didn’t know what we had gotten into and didn’t know where it was leading us. With God’s grace, we were able to pass through painful wrists, a broken back, and some ‘medical conditions’ caused from insomnia, nervous tension et al. The most exciting bit was, of course, paying our bills right on the due date!

2013 has been a ‘floating’ experience. Both of our systems have been reconfigured and we don’t remember much of when we fell in love with each other, or when we met and decided to get married. Survival has taught us focus, discipline and perseverance, something our parents tried in vain!

Three years and counting…three years young and getting to kindergarten…relearning the childish way to explore…Thank you God for everything!

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12 thoughts on “Turning three and feeling young again!”

  1. Thanks partner for being with me like a rock and always telling me to focus on the realistic things. LHI is because you are with me as my life partner 🙂

    1. At least I’m of some use to someone 🙂 Thank you for all the memorable stuff we did together in these years…and looking forward to many more happy years at Lighthouse 😀

  2. That’s the sweetest thing I read in a long time 🙂
    Aiyeeeee…. Aap dono ko nazar na lage!

    Looking forward to reading another post 7 years from now : “Turning 10 and feeling young again – A Decade of LHI” 🙂

    Touch Wood!

    1. A decade!!! …..feels like a very steep climb man…me is scared 🙂
      But it would be amazing to go that far, look back and see what you have learnt and accomplished hopefully!

      Thank you for your wishes Vijay…..

  3. Nicely put!!

    And like Vijay just said, we will see another post 7 years down the lane with the same passion as now.

    Wishing you both loads of luck and happiness. Baaki hum to aapke fan hai hi!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Malhar 🙂

      We hope to keep that passion alive too…and God willing we will find all the luck to carry on the show. It feels good to a have loyal fan in an increasingly demotivating space. Thanks once again!

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