Bangalore New Year and some fishy tales

The mister and me were bored. Out performing each other with the help of Fruit Ninja and other highly competitive mobile games, was getting too mainstream. We wanted to ‘do something.’ Having arrived in Bangalore one morning for a surprise visit to my in-laws boomeranged. The surprise was on us; there was no one to welcome or hug or make us feel wanted, as both ma and pa in law were away completing chores on the last day of2013.

After the epic train journey that we had had in Udayan Express, this was just what we needed. We had the keys to the apartment, so we snuggled in and made ourselves at home. Soon we were planning on doing something, but what exactly could one do after having endured 20 hours in a train? We ended up watching ‘Captain Phillips’ starring our common favourite ‘Tom Hanks’.

Our folks arrived home in the evening and received a grand surprise. The day ended with talks, debates and ‘why did you not inform us’ with the company of some good food and loads of hugs.

The next day was 1st of January 2014. We again decided to ‘do something’.

Bangalore is the city of gardens; you’re always stepping into one garden or the other. But, Bangalore is also the city of museums, rich cultural history, temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras each with their architectural wonder and more.

Cubbon Park, Source: Wikipedia

We decided to enhance our knowledge of flora, while in the city. So Cubbon Park it would be with a visit to the aquarium adjacent to it. Located in the heart of the city, one cannot have missed the Cubbon Park while travelling anywhere in Bangalore. Starting off with 100 acres, the park was extended to around 300 acres because everybody likes a little more greenery. 300 acres is equal to 1.2 square kilometres by the way, so that’s a lot of flora watching. Named after Sir Mark Cubbon, the longest serving commissioner of Mysore, the park has a variety of bamboos, imported ornamental trees, a toy train and many historical monuments.

It is New Year day and the whole of Bangalore had made similar plans. After having braved the traffic jams and changing two buses, we arrived at Cubbon Park to realise that sightseeing 300 acres of flora with nearly 300 thousand people is not a fun way to start off 2014.

So we started with the aquarium located at the entrance gate to the park. The Bangalore Aquarium, as it is called, is the second largest in the country. Surprisingly, it wasn’t crowded so I could have all the fun with the fishes. I was all excited like a kid who visits an aquarium for the first time.

I don’t know how to describe this but the second largest aquarium in the country had me disappointed. Some of the tanks were empty, while some of them had their labels torn. Most of the fishes have lived in these artificial environments for so many years that they do not have a motive left to explore it anymore. They don’t bother to swim across the next manmade underwater cave to meet with their friends.

But, there was one enthusiastic guy that I fell in love with. He went up and down his little tank frantically looking for something – worms perhaps. Or maybe he has a story of a lost love. Maybe she was taken to another tank, we would never know.

Sadly, his label was pulled off so I might not be able to identify his species. To the discerning fish buff, the bulging eyes are a clear giveaway though. Here’s a little video shoot of the smarty:

We then decided to skip the Cubbon Park for another day when it is less crowded.

The second day of the year, we visited the Lal Baug botanical garden spread across 240 acres in the southern part of the city. Both of these were being managed by the horticulture department of the state who are fairly good at their jobs. The floral clock works but the aquarium is defunct. For a nature enthusiast especially of flora, the garden is a treasure house.

Most of the trees are more than a hundred years old and being near them makes you feel like a child under the care of loving elders. I can’t describe the contentment we returned with. It will always remain like a beautiful memory within us.

Butterfly garden Bangalore
Butterfly garden, Bangalore

So the Google search for ‘exciting places to visit in bangalore’ served us well indeed! Hope you too visit places in your city and discover the beauty hidden in its hustle and bustle.

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8 thoughts on “Bangalore New Year and some fishy tales”

  1. Good to hear that you guys “engage” outside the internet world also 😉

    P.S. Guess you guys could get yourselves a PS4 to start outdoing each other in competitive games… Mobile games may not be as challenging for the both of you 😛

    1. yes, we ‘actually’ do that Vishal! PS4 sounds like a cool idea which is on our minds too, but do not underestimate mobile games like Fruit Ninja and Jewel Hunter (they are only next to rocket science!)

      Thanks for the visit!

  2. B’lore has an aquarium that’s the 2nd largest in the country? News to me!

    But seriously, I love the city. Cubbon Park and Visvesvaraya museum are my favourites. As well as the malls, of course… only because most of them have either Reliance Timeout or Odyssey, two super-awesome bookstores that beat the crap out of the one here in Calicut. One place that’s still stuck in my wishlist is the JN Planetarium… hmm, maybe next time.

    Btw, a (very belated) Happy New Year! *sheepish smile* I wasn’t very active in the blogosphere for the last few weeks; preparatory exams for Plus Two boards are going on.

    Hope you have a great year ahead 🙂

    1. Happy 2014 to you too Zainab and all the very best for class 12th boards!

      In my time, there were no social networks or blogs, leave alone internet to distract us from mugging theories and equations day in and day out 🙂 Your generation is a privileged lot for some challenging life!

      Yes, that little aquarium fact was news to me too, but all vanished when I visited the place. need to check Visvesvaraya museum & many museums in the city the next time we go there. There seems to be a JN planetarium in every city, looks like!

  3. I lived in Bangalore for five years, so this post was special to me. I was on the Bannerghtaa Road, next to the Shoppers Stop. There is something about the city that makes you fall in love with it.
    Wish you a very happy 2014 Vinaya.

    1. Thanks for your wishes Alka! Happy 2014 to you & your loved ones 🙂

      We stayed at Jalahalli near HMT and Air Force school. We also visited the Bannerghata national park a few days later. It was a 1.5 hour journey for us: Jalahalli to Majestic (aka Khempe Gowda bus stand) (30 minutes) and a special bus to the forest (1 hour). I think we did pass through Shopper’s Stop on Bannerghata road!
      Bangalore has its flavour, the sights & sounds are full of jampacked traffic and burnt petrol/diesel. But, the garden city retains its greenery 🙂

  4. Happy 2014 to you and your sweet hubby! I SO loved reading your post. Especially the fish tales and the fishy fish you’ve specially mentioned. You should write more of these posts. I felt as though I had gone on a tour across Bangalore city, you know! Well done. Now how about one on Pune?

    1. Thank you Swapna!
      glad you enjoyed reading this…hope i managed to put a smile on your face at least for a few minutes of your life. Yes, I need to explore Pune now…its high time:)
      Happy 2014 to you too!

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