Just another day in my life…

It was a beautiful morning two weeks back. Despite being awakened by the rooster on my mobile phone alarm, I lay on my bed wondering about the mystery of life. Why are we born? This led to more meanderings of an idle mind – Who are we? Where do we come from? Where do we go to? Is there any meaning to our collective existence? Would the world be any different if any of us just vanished into thin air? This was followed by deeper mulling on whether mankind can ever find its collective soul and live in harmony with nature and so on.

Just then a stray thought entered and I realised it was my birthday; the shock of mid-life crisis had set in. Suddenly I did not want to wake up and face the day or do anything at all. What if I could just vanish into neverland and come back another day as if the birthday had never really come. What if I could turn back the clock and return to middle age when I was more equipped to handle it?

Talking about handles, I had tyres now, also laugh lines, a greying mane, a stretch of beard and a double chin to boot!

Goodbye teddy

Whoa! I am something to reckon with. But then, I remembered the mister and me having celebrated my brave entry into the terrible mid-ages, with a chocolate cake at midnight. It hadn’t seemed that terrifying then.

Why was it so scary now? I began to think – what if I live another three decades at the most and still feel the same? I couldn’t risk feeling this way forever. One has to somehow face the moment of truth and take it as it comes. And so, I make it out of bed and into the balcony to look at my plants. They are so freshly green and as happy as the morning. They only asked me for water, knowing fully well they had to prepare their own food using the water and sunlight.

I watered the plants realising that I have to prepare my own food for my own soul. Life will provide the ingredients but I was responsible for making something nutritious for my soul.

I listened to the many birds atop the trees. They were excited about the day, and chirping about as if there was no tomorrow. They seemed to be living for the moment – no mid-life crisis for them.

I looked at some birthday wishes on WhatsApp. These were the mandatory ones aided by smartphones; birthday reminders set up by friends from over the globe. It’s just that it happened to be my birthday too with many others. The day will move along and it will be like just any other spring day. The cake pictures on Instagram brought a few more wishes by virtual friends. A blogger uncle’s egreeting cheered me up – a dancing elephant clutching flowers in his trunk. That was it.

It was a working Friday and I had a dozen chores to do and age had nothing to do with it. I knew the day was going to be a good one, because age did not matter any more. It was my soul I needed to nourish.

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12 thoughts on “Just another day in my life…”

  1. Why so serious?
    Look at the bright side. You have been blessed enough to meet up with a fantabuloustically awesome personality like me 😀

    P.S. Belated Birthday Greetings. Am so sorry I didn’t wish 🙁

    1. Meeting up with u is the *only* hope i have..like a mirage in the desert.
      Thanks for the birthday wishes Vijay..u don’t have to apologize for such a small issue.
      A BIG gift will do;)

  2. Hi Vinaya,
    Each day is just a day, which makes us happy, sad and what not! What matters is what we want to capture at the end of the day!
    A nice read and Keep on smiling..:)

    1. That is so true…but then again getting older raises fundamental questions on our existence.
      I need to start my day with a regular exercise routine…something that leaves me fit in mind n body and help stay away from such thoughts:)

  3. Belated Birthday wishes and yes you have now truly entered the age of wisdom. The moment a person questions about his/her existence and purpose of life, he/she will get many answers that will become a road map for the rest of their lives.

    All the best.

  4. Hi again? *tentative wave*

    First of all, sorry and a (very, very) belated happy birthday! Hope the years ahead bring you joy and peace <3

    I disappeared (again) from the blogosphere in April because of an entrance exam. Made up for it in May with 4 posts. Was wondering why your blog had gone off the face of the earth when I discovered that the notifications had gone to my Spam folder. *facepalm*

    Hopefully back to stick around. Looking forward to reading more 🙂

    1. The years ahead of me will be joyful…that is after I find a purpose;) Thank you for the birthday wishes o dear poetess..always needed!
      Regular blogging is a challenge..i know..i too disappeared for nearly a month, while I found some amazing creative crafts to spend my weekends. blog post coming up on that soon… Good to know you’re back..the blogosphere needs beautiful poets like you.

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