Some art & craft to the rescue!

It’s been ages since I visited this space last. The thought that I have reached the middle ages and yet not found contentment in my life or the meaning of this existence, was too overwhelming and left me with a scary feeling. But, like they say, courage need not roar and so, I made feeble attempts to face the clear and now present. “If not now, then when?”, I said to myself, almost feeling like the last warrior fighting the lonely battle all by himself!

And, again, like they say, ‘art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’, I surrendered to my creative pursuit in art and crafts. I can admit it’s true; art indeed is a very fulfilling activity and apart from helping you while away your wasteful hours, it charges up your worried and scared grey cells with new positive energy. You end up using your brain for what it is meant to be used for – creation.

I started with M-seal knowing fully well that my first and supposedly last project with the epoxy resin from Pidilite, was a disaster. Still, it left me with two vital lessons – a) mix small quantities so you can work on it before it gets hard, b) Break the form into little areas that are manageable, beforehand.

M-seal art

I bought the small packet for ten rupees at the local hardware store; now that’s not too much of an investment for a scared beginner like me!

The big question was, what do I make of it? Little people with varied expressions? Miniature forms of the seven wonders? Cute dolls or grotesque monsters? Dropping all these ideas, I chose something simple, something which I could do with confidence, some topic that always fascinates and cheers me up – flowers. I decided to make little roses out of them and stick them onto some thing – but what?

A few days back, we had ordered a ‘Handi Biryani’ from the speciality North Indian takeaway nearby. The Biryani was average but the pot it came in, was very ‘handy’!! I cleaned it up and voila, it was all ready to be painted and decorated with golden roses. Now you get the picture?!

m-seal art

Liking what I saw, I looked for more things to decorate. There was a square, wooden box with four little square compartments inside. Those had mini cupcakes in it once, a Diwali gift. The box was painted a dark brown and instantly decorated with the m-seal roses and then sprayed with some antique gold dust.

m-seal craft

By then, the contents of the ten rupees packet were over, and I felt so much contentment in this simple creation. Time to move over to some other craft, quilling maybe 😉

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2 thoughts on “Some art & craft to the rescue!”

  1. Delighted to read your blog post after ages. Loved your pretty creations and don’t be silly – you aren’t remotely old!!!

    I liked what you said, ‘art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.’ and that ‘You end up using your brain for what it is meant to be used for – creation.’

    1. That is a very heartening comment you’ve shared here, Swapna! Thanks for visiting my blog:)
      Art indeed is a beautiful gift given to humans…we are blessed!

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