Blogging isn’t dead, it’s only transformed into a new and multi-faced avatar

An old time blogger just quit blogging. She blogged about it. That’s how I came to know. The last blog post ever in that beautiful online and very much public diary she maintained began with ‘Bloggers are a narcissistic lot’, which got me wondering. Is it really true?

Am I a narcissist? I’ve been into blogging for close to 7 years now and I’ve never called it quits. Is it that I love blogging so much or is it myself that I love so much? A personality analyst would read this paragraph and easily conclude that I am indeed a narcissist. Look at the number of ‘I’s I have used in it!

To be fair I’ve not been a regular blogger unlike her. She was a prolific blogger; one superb blog post was churned out daily from her writing stable. She is a journalist whose articles made it to the Dawn quite often. Reading through them only made me know her better and begin a long-distance relationship with her in a way only fellow bloggers would relate to.But now everything has changed…

The world is not the same. The very world of ‘blogging’ as we knew it has ceased to exist a long time ago. Old time bloggers have migrated to other virtual lands in search of readers. A lot many are now on ‘Medium‘ with its varied community of readers who are a serious lot. You can know from the kind of interactions and comments left – even at each paragraph level – on the writer’s thoughts. The readers read, recommend, comment, and sometimes help the writer create a mini-history on the social web. Highly viral articles are picked up by mainstream publications.

There’s another type and a majority of bloggers fall into this category. This chunk was formed when Facebook became very popular in 2008, and it claimed everyone from Orkut, Yahoo groups and blogging platforms. This new category of bloggers chose to blog on Facebook. Likes, shares and comments became the best adrenaline rush to them. They began feeling superior to the ones who only shared party, cats and holiday pictures on Facebook. This category has now permanently settled on Facebook, quite happy with the online adulation.

Something happened at the same time. There was a seismic shift in virtual space then. A new species of bloggers had evolved and they began infesting the space in large numbers. They blogged too often – sometimes even several times in a day; they are called the micro-bloggers who weave magic in 140-characters, on a little-known platform called Twitter. The ones who ‘cracked the medium’ found a massive number of followers, and have now been crowned as ‘social media influencers’ or like someone tweeted the other day – ‘Twitter jockeys’!

Others who are only into photo blogs or video blogs went into either Tumblr, Instagram or YouTube. Now they too have evolved and become influencers or stars on the platform.

My teenage niece asked me whether I’m on ‘Wattpad‘ but realized a while later – when she had to spell it out – that I hadn’t even heard about it. Wattpad is not a fad; it claims to be the world’s largest community of readers and writers. At least, I know an entire school that swears by Wattpad, and the volumes of teen fiction they can get on it.

So you see, ‘blogging’ did not die. Blogging just took many other forms of self-expression in different virtual platforms. Yes, I choose to call ‘blogging’ as a means to expressing your ideas, thoughts, random meanderings and whatnot; it is definitely not a ‘narcissistic’ journey because bloggers also read other bloggers and about their mundane thoughts. Narcissists cannot think beyond themselves!

Ultimately, there’s a force of nature that transforms everything and that holds true for virtual spaces too. Eventually snow caps melt into oceans, oceans become deserts, desserts become fertile and living beings just migrate from here to there.

P.S: I wonder how many will read this here, even as I proceed to the publish button ๐Ÿ™‚

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7 thoughts on “Blogging isn’t dead, it’s only transformed into a new and multi-faced avatar”

  1. Well, I did read it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nothing much to comment on the article. As always, you speak the truth and I love to see how you see things from your angle. And above all, what I love the most is how you write – feels as if you are talking to the reader. And that I respect and appreciate to this day.

    Blog karte raho!!!

    1. Thank you friend and fellow blogger for reading my post! ๐Ÿ™‚

      And a big thank you again…for your appreciation. Blogging zindabad…bloggers zindabad!

      (Side note – our #OccupySilicon campaign celebrated its 3 year anniversary a few days back :))

    2. Hi Vinaya
      A nice read this.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think there is a thin line between desire to express and desire to express for appreciation & praise… and also that there is a little bit of narcissist among us all! So whether its expression or narcissism is in purpose.. which could be just to make others affect in some way (solution, thought to ponder..etc etc), vs also to make others think I am an expert! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Thanks for sharing your views Kalpana!
        It got me thinking whether as toddlers also we are narcissists. Little ones often seek our attention, acknowledgement, appreciation and praise for the new tasks they learn and do successfully. Can we then also term that behaviour as narcissistic? Looking forward to comments on my blog, likes, shares on my Facebook update, retweets on my tweet, hearts on my Instagram, views on my LinkedIn Pulse post – is indulging in ‘narcissistic’ behaviour?
        In fact, appreciation goes a long way in helping the other grow, in any age group. Appreciation helps in team bonding too. Many ancient cultures had tribe rituals where every individual got the opportunity to show any new skill/idea they had learnt.
        On the other hand, people who show narcissistic qualities are only full of themselves. If they happen to be bloggers by any chance on any of the mediums, content would be about them I guess. But calling all bloggers as narcissists is taking it a tad too far.
        I understand your point, but that behaviour is also seen when people interact with others in a debate/ or maybe with a friend. We want to prove a point or at least make our ideas influence the other. (Like how badly I’m trying to convince you here ;))
        By extension, that also implies all humans are narcissistic in nature. Clearly, a new topic to research and debate on…what say! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Is blogging dead? That question is a never ending one like, is radio dead? newspapers dead? TV dead?
    blogging isn’t dead for those who write for the love of writing. They still do and it is a form of expression.
    Those who started blogging to become influencers they are now on Facebook or LinkedIn Pulse or Medium. They will again shift to some other platform.
    However, the golden era of blogging where people is to network on blogs are dead now. You have lived that era. They now happen on mobile first platforms or social media. People not only love to discuss on social media but it does the ego-message by showing the world how smart you are. I am no exception ๐Ÿ™‚

    As you have said โ€˜bloggingโ€™ did not die. Blogging just took many other forms of self-expression in different virtual platforms.

    Keep blogging!

  3. Aah! LinkedIn Pulse … how could I leave that out. Nearly every ‘big guy/girl’ running the corporate race has to have a Pulse post.

    Thank you for your TLDR comment ๐Ÿ˜‰ In this age of ‘goldfish attention spans’ yours is a looong comment!

    Blogging karne walon…sada amar rahein!!

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