turn me into a firefly

you wish to keep me in a bottle
turn me into a firefly
so you could see me glow
but, one day – I’d surely die
that alas do you know!

you write a little love note
then fold it and shove it.
now its inside this book –
hiding, never to be found
you regret what you wrote?

you try to shower petals
like one moves pieces
on a chess board, but
deceit, strategy and tricks,
are all your heart can afford!

you dig into your memory well –
of old desires and romances galore
there is nothing to sieve, no fires aglow
just an empty gaping infinite hole
with no happy endings to tell.

In honour of World Poetry Day, March 21, 2018

“Poems are trees where words attain nirvana!” – Old Fox 004

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