About me

I started penning down little bits of poems and stories that began as β€˜Once there was a girl…’ and ended up with my imaginative adventures on a glass toy train with strange creatures in each of the bogies. Part of this came from my dreams and part was the imagination of an eight year old. Writing came as a boon so I could mould an identity for my little self and find a tiny expression to my thoughts, but, over the years, my writings have been waxing and waning much like the moon. Still, I’m unable to call it quits. . . not yet!

So here I am with my blog and whatever little posts I am able to pen down from my beautiful home at idyllic Pune. Also, helping my hubby in managing on online publication round the clock, while I juggle around with the cleaning, cooking, washing, gardening, nagging and whatever little chore that needs to be done with. If this sounds crazy, well, welcome to my world!

Irrelevant facts

– Why is my blog titled ‘Oldfox004’? Well, that requires a long post describing the chain of events that led to me being christened as the Old Fox!

– Don’t ever say ‘get lost’ to me, because I actually get lost as a rule (due to a case of directional disillusionment). You can check out the tag for a few interesting stories about my very own lost adventures!

– My head is always in two states; it’s either empty or in absolute chaos.

– I am my best friend as well as my biggest critic.

– I am not one of the ### million Indians on Facebook, yes, that’s true!

– I make friends for life and believe real investment is in your family and friends.

– I rechristened myself as ‘Krishna’ in kindergarten and even got my name changed in school records.


Winner of the ‘World’s Best Wife Contest (Category – Nagging)’.Β  Blog at LighthouseInsights.in for a living. I love Bombay.

Disclaimer: Read me at your own risk. Happy reading though! πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “About me”

    1. Haa..that’s a long story..was nicknamed oldfox by the gang…based on a detective story that used to air in those days. This needs a post to be explained better!

    1. Hey the Umesh from Bhavan’s !!! Great to see you here buddy:)
      I’m doing good..married and settled here in Pune…more in your inbox
      Thanks for the connect!

  1. Hi Vinaya,

    simply loved reading your blogs!

    I have a wedding website and i am looking fir some wedding articles (SEO friendly and otherwise too).. is thr any way i can contact you…

    kindly revert πŸ™‚

  2. Hi,

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