A Second Chance!

brushes dried up in solitude
dusty boards are idling by
fragile thoughts sway so often
i let sow; now i wonder why

the gates of gold shined through

in all their majestic glory
a thousand beams of hope lit up
but my dreams, alas i gave up

i gave in to the devil within

as temptation clawed me so
i knew the road was not for me
but the simplest as one could see

show me a way as soon as can be

to buy back my soul, my spirit, my being
o lord, do not take me as i am
but take me as you want me to be

in You, my dream was born,

around You, i made it dance
o please forgive, do not abandon me
as all i need is a second chance!

Eternal Quest

A mere speck of dust,
I imagine myself to be
A negligible fraction,
naive mathematicians foresee

Eternity, my inner form;
Cosmic, my divine state
I float forever in His grace;
in unceasing, constant debate

In exploit, in rhythm, I rise;
in silence, in void, I remain
One tiny grain of matter,
but mighty self in vain

I drift across thy chartered course,
In a chaotic hope to repay
The infinite debt of thy womb,
my reflection so to say

As in dark ocean depths,
hide secret desires so often
Every trifle of dust or spot of grain,
Longs an oyster to relieve from thy pain

To free, to reignite the ancestral shine
To create, to sow pearls of wisdom divine
Me, my essence and the eternal quest
Remains unanswered till the final test!

on the Wings of Prayer

Just close your eyes and Open your heart,
and feel your worries and cares depart
Just yield yourself to the Father above,
and let Him hold you secure in his love

For life on earth grows more involved
with endless problems that can’t be solved,
but God only asks us to do our best,
then He will ‘take over’ and finish the rest.

So when you are tired, discouraged and blue,
there’s always one door that is open to you,
and that is the door to ‘The House of Prayer’,
and you’ll find God waiting to meet you there.

And ‘The House of Prayer’ is no farther away,
than the quiet spot where you kneel and pray.
For the heart is the temple when God is there
as we place ourselves in His loving care.

And He hears every prayer and answers each one,
when we pray in His name ‘Thy will be done’.
And the burdens that seemed too heavy to bear
are lifted away on ‘The Wings of Prayer’.

I have carried this little poem with me right from school – so many changes, so many purses but this little piece of paper still remains with me! I don’t know its significance nor am I an expert in the power of faith healing, but reading this poem in times of solitude, grief or pure devotion, has only lifted me higher. Maybe, it does have some power after all. Today, on this beautiful occasion of Christmas, I share this simple yet powerful poem. Celebrating the birth of the holy Christ, may this poem help one and all.

A Fool’s Paradise!

I chanced upon this path
Misfortune, some folks say!
I trusted his honest eyes
Betrayal at its best

Enticed by his promise,
the undying, undiminishing
togetherness to eternity
I muted ‘The Voice Within’

Destiny, she drifts across
a new course, undecided
I bow in reverence to thee
my despair hasn’t subsided

The Lord acts strange
The Lord acts wise
I am his li’l puppet
Happy in a fool’s paradise!


upon the grass i tread, as alone as the sun
fresh hues of green paint the countryside
and little drops of glittering wet diamonds
tease my naked feet, chill the fire within

specks of dust shining through the rays,
as guards protecting the celestial gates
the horror, the hurt, the throbbing pain
how do i beg thee for a wee bit of grace!

deep within were enflamed buried desires,
long lost and forgotten in mindless pursuit
i look more closely for signs of content,
but the carcasses lay, scattered eerily all over!

envious no more of the calm without
nameless, faceless pangs of guilt and doubt
i watch in silence, fearing to intrude
my conscience is eroded, self misconstrued!

My Dear Mumbai

She welcomes all
A warm embrace!
‘Gateway of India’
Her beauty ‘n grace!

Trusts her children
No matter the race
Balances unceasing greed
Never once doubts a deed!

Her heritage they destroy
Merciful heart is burnt
Their veil conceals, terror dictates
Sadly, no guts for a mutiny!

Wanders around her lone self;
Is love a contract or a bond?
If this be indeed gratitude,
Need it be paid thus?

This is my contribution to this week’s 3WW (Three Word Wednesday). Help spread the fight against terror.


of what is and what isn’t?
this i shall not ask,
of who did and who didn’t
this too i shan’t ask

they sweared on oath
they loved her most
and when she beckons-
would protect her post

she lay there still
betrayed and torn-
no voice to bring
alas, of her own!

while under siege
she held on hope,
the humbuggers all,
“look, who bears the oath!”

Jingle Bells..Jingle Bells!

dashing through the votes
’n a million tons of hope
O’er the hill he goes
fighting gravity all the way
bells of victory ring
making spirits bright
what fun it is to laugh and sing
a victory song tonight !

oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way
oh, what fun it is to be
in a new chapter in history
jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way
oh, what fun it is to believe
nuances of change will be !

a day or two ago
i thought it impossible
’n soon Mr. Barack Obama
was seated at his throne
the foes were lean and lank
misfortune seemed their lot
they got into a drifted bank
’n then they got upsot

oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way
oh, what fun it is to be
the change you want to see
jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way
oh, what fun it is to be
in a whole new democracy ! yeah

oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way
oh, what fun it is to be
the change you want to see
jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way
oh, what fun it is to be
in a whole new democracy !

This is my response to 3WW, please check out more fun stuff , weaved out of only three words!

Real victims of war

Twilight sets in across the fields;
sweet are the smells of the daffodils
The skies, cast in a reddish hue,
beckon the little soul, albeit somewhat close

The little boy runs off to play;
steps on a mine, a device to kill and decay
His mother awaits with steaming rice
Her little angel would be home in a trice!

Little did she know, her angel would be no more
But as she sees the damage done
She screams out to the heavens above
Why do you spread the message of love?
O Why do you spread the message of love?

Clutching the corpse to her bosom,
And a knife deep inside her heart
In vain, she breathes unto him
this life, that she now longs to depart

She runs across the fields; she runs helter-skelter
What for is this war? Who will give me an answer?
But, no soul heeds to her cries, alas, no soul heeds to her cries..
Just then the heavens speak, “your child is safe in our arms,
protected from mankind, may you learn the lesson of love
pray, do not question the messages from above”.

This is about the innocent victims of landmines, where most survivors are maimed for life. I couldn’t bring myself to put up a picture as its too repulsive. This poem is in response to 3WW

An Ode to a Banyan tree

O Merciful ‘n’ kind banyan tree-
In thy shade thrive the Lord’s other beautiful beings
Thou welcomes the burning molten rays and,
Tranforms them into a mothers’ protective embrace!

Does it not ache thee, when thou arms are cut and bleeding?
When gratitude is forgotten, what difference does it make?
In our cunning and naivety, we often forget;
The more we cut, the more we burn and suffer.

This is my humble attempt at weaving a poem from 3 given words!! Please check out amazing write-ups at 3WW: Three Word Wednesday here.