The sky has many moods…

We (my much nagged husband and me) stayed almost the whole of July with my in-laws at Bangalore, better known as the Silicon Valley of India. The city isn’t much different from its sister IT city Pune, where I live now, but never before had I seen the sky change colors so often in a day. Overlooking the Indian Air Force school at Jalahalli near North Bangalore, which is forever enveloped in a lush coat of greenery, our 9th floor apartment is a wonderful viewing spot. While we lived in our refined interiors, we had the privilege to the exteriors served by nature. The whole was made up of only two entities – the sky above and the earth below.

And, watching the two of them in a jugalbandi of sorts, was great fun. Here I’ve shared a few pictures from my simple Olympus camera, taken from the bedroom window. By the way, Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece!

Cloudy in Bangalore

The innocence and the purity of nature…like sky-blue candy far far away!

Rain clouds peeping in

The angry rain clouds start peeping in, to take a reality check.

Dark clouds

By dusk they seem to be really happy, emerging victorious after defeating the Sun!

a masked sky

The clouds are having a party in the sky. My Olympus can create magic!

Do keep a watch on the skies above, like I do a lot nowadays. It really has many moods…